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  3. Cuphead looks amazing GOTY material

User Info: necro00

1 year ago#1
wow just wow, flawless gameplay, amazing art and art direction
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User Info: blaze120683

1 year ago#2
I dont doubt it may be good but not GOTY type game for whatever reason games like thos will never win
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User Info: sexbone

1 year ago#3
i'm sure it's a GOTY

if we were living in the snes era
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User Info: NotSnowske

1 year ago#4
Looks like a blast, hope it's good for replay value though.
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User Info: lunaticcore

1 year ago#5
GOTY, in 1931
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User Info: AColdOnion

1 year ago#6
its easily going to win indie game of the year.... also the game has a NG+
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  3. Cuphead looks amazing GOTY material
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