Is Mass Effect Andromeda worth it for $17?

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User Info: suicide machine

suicide machine
5 months ago#1
I remember a lot of criticism for Mass Effect Andromeda, but I saw the deluxe version on sale for just $17. At that price, I am sort of intrigued. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on it?

Here's the link, if anyone's interested:
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User Info: VooDism

5 months ago#2
Not really..

To be honest.. I don't even think its worth it if it was free. Plenty of other games other there worth playing and devoting time to.

The game was a mistake. It was never taken seriously. It was released in a crappy state and the story is very 'bleh'. They hired a bunch of SJW instead of actually talented people to create the game. They never treated the game with respect as nothing more then a EA cash grab that flopped.

So if you're looking for a dull SJW'd game based on Mass Effect.. Then you will enjoy this. If not, stay far away from this game.

User Info: Rings

5 months ago#3
Sure, some people legitimately didn't like it, however, I think a lot of the criticism was people who haven't actually played the game jumping on the hate bandwagon.

A lot of the weird facial and movement animations, as well as most of the quest glitches and bugs have been taken care of with patches. There's still the odd glitch, but it's much better now.

I loved most of the single player experience. It's like a hybrid between Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition.

The only thing I hated were the vaults. They are stupid and pointless puzzles that make no sense. Each one has a few secret rooms, so I pretty much had to watch a YouTube video before entering each vault just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

The game does a good job of showing how you as a character are continuously making growing and substantial impact on the new galaxy.

I'd give it a solid 8/10. It would have been a 9 if the vaults weren't so annoying.

Also, I have not played multiplayer, so I cannot comment on that.
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User Info: MrHaroldo

5 months ago#4
Im not very far through the stody but have been exploring loads. Decent so far but not as good as the original trilogy. I do the the gameplay is pretty awesome. Where they should have gone gameplaywise straight after ME1 IMO. Worth $17 which is £12.63 (for my own point of reference) but not worth the £50 which is $67.27 i originally payed for it.
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User Info: EternalIdols

5 months ago#5
I bought it recently entirely for the multiplayer and so far I have been very impressed. The gameplay is excellent and easily the best in the series. I was a huge fan of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and this feels like a very worthy successor to it. I have played little of the single player so far, but even if it is total garbage, it is worth picking up this game for the mp alone.

User Info: axe4hire

5 months ago#6

I paid $70 for the deluxe and another $100 for the nomad model.

It doesn't live up to the trilogy and it does have some technical issues but it's not a bad game.
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User Info: ghstbstr

5 months ago#7
suicide machine posted...
Is Mass Effect Andromeda worth it for $17?

It was worth getting for the what I paid when the deluxe edition was full price at $70.
It is a really good game for what it is and it is a good shooter game set in space with a good story, but it isn't a good Mass Effect game. It should have just been called Andromeda.
Most if not all of the issues that others were having with the game has been fixed with patches, and it's a more enjoyable game now.
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User Info: zombody

5 months ago#8
The quickest way I can sum it up:

-The game play/combat/exploration is a good time.
-The story, characters, and animations are a bad time.

I think $17 is great if you're looking for a game you can get some time out of in terms of shooting stuff, using fun powers/combos, and exploring. IF you're looking for some seriously engaging plot and characters though, I wouldn't bother.

There should be a free demo in the marketplace if you're curious.
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User Info: United_States

5 months ago#9
I paid $70 when it came out. It was worth it to me. Great game. I really liked the atmosphere. I really felt like I was part of a journey to a new galaxy and I was really trying to make a home for my people.
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

5 months ago#10
It's a s***ty bootleg of the original Mass Effect with worse everything except vehicle controls. The story is pointless and the villains are weak and unintimidating. You feel like Superman going in to break up a bar fight and nobody has a personality.
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