Digital Foundry: Forza 7 Demo: X1 vs X1X vs PC Comparison!

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User Info: holden4ever

5 months ago#61
ITT: Refined gamers.

User Info: Masamune_6969

5 months ago#62
holden4ever posted...
ITT: Refined gamers.

That's where these delusional PC gamers have their heads...

User Info: b166er01

5 months ago#63
madrileno23 posted...
b166er01 posted...
madrileno23 posted...
b166er01 posted...
ClunkerSlim posted...
Masamune_6969 posted...
Show me where anyone needs 144fps in a racing game? It looks the same as 60fps to me

It WILL look the same unless you're watching it on a 144fps monitor. It's not like you can just watch a YouTube video of the difference. Your monitor has to be physically capable of displaying the difference.

LOL. last gen, most console games were what? 720/30? And the PC guys were like " can't even get 60 fps"

This gen console games are generally a mix of 900/1080 @ 60/30. Then they like " can't get 4k at 60+" - problem.
small amount of pc gamers game like that.

Now before the same gen is up, a console update gets a 4k/60 game, so logically, they like " can't get 8k @ 160 fps." - problem. even smaller amount of pc gamers have such a setup

Just because PC's can be made into 230000k²/4.500000 gigaframe per millisecond monsters, doesn't change the fact that most of y'all are doing 1080/1440 @ 60

Forzas doing 4k/60

Be mad at DF

Anyone who games normally at 1440p/60fps, let's say for a title like Ghost Recon Wildlands or Dishonored 2, will have powerful enough to hardware to easily run Forza 7 at 4k60, hell they may be able to hit 4k100+fps...

Actually, 1080 is more common than 1440. And 60 is more common 100+. Like I said, small minority. Don't get me wrong, 100+ sounds good, but 4k 60 is good enough for the majority. And whether you wanna admit it or not, 4k 60 from a console is impressive. That's PC territory, and that's why the PC guys are in a console board and are somehow more qualified than DF all of sudden. Alarms are going off.. they don't want a $500 box to rival a $900+ dollar build.
But watevs

" we're looking at a true ultra high end 4k 60 experience but on a console".

It is what it is

Because an XBX will NEVER rival a $1000 PC.
A PC has full OS Windows, can run multiple video and audio file formats, has access to relatively cheap digital copies of games on third party marketplaces, can be upgraded incrementally at any time the user wants to, and individual parts that fail can be replaced by user without needing to send whole machine for warranty or buy new machine. Besides that fact that a PC can also be used for business and word processing and all these other functions like content creation (video editing, photoshop, digital art and photography).

So for around $1000 you can build a machine that will easily surpass the performance of XBX, but also provide you with ability to do way more than your XBX.

XBX is the best console, but all consoles are infinitely inferior to PCs.

1) different audio and video formats? My phone is capable of different formats.

2) full windows os? Don't need a $1k PC for that. My crap laptop has that. Not having it on console won't prevent games from working

3) business? My job has tablets for that. And the pc's we do have aren't $1k a pop for such mundane tasks.

4) ugradeability? Well duh. I'll give you that.

5) my console malfunctions? Send it in or take it back. So no opening it up. If a part vital to gaming fails on PC, even with just sending one part out, u still ain't gaming till it's resolved.

5) content creation/editing? Personally not interested in doing that.

But back to GAMING...DF said ultra high end experience. I'll take it.
Yes, I wear glasses. No, I'm not a hipster; I actually need them

User Info: CommonSense

5 months ago#64
$500 for a high end PC experience and performance? How can anyone say no to that?

This thing already won the console war by existing.
"Not going to read through this whole thread" - Gamefaqs Moderator Pitaya

User Info: b166er01

5 months ago#65
Bottom line, is most PC gamers don't have "high end" rigs. And while yes, PC is more functional, bringing it up is pointless cuz that's not why ppl buy consoles. It's gaming. They already have a laptop or PC for that. And until the analysts other than DF show otherwise, I'll take their word for how it competes against gaming pcs..

And ftr, I'm not anti pc. I have wat most would consider "low end" PC running hyperspin.
Yes, I wear glasses. No, I'm not a hipster; I actually need them

User Info: Ratchetrockon

5 months ago#66
high-end = 4690k/6700k/7700k/ryzen 3 or higher + gtx 1080/Vega 64/Vega FE

i7 6900k | 2x GTX 1080ti FE (SLI) |MSI x99 Gaming PRO | 1tb 960 PRO EVO M.2 SSD| DDR4 32 gig 3200 RAM | EVGA P2 1200W
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