Getting Cuphead?

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User Info: kobalobasileus

7 months ago#61
ChubbierTube posted...
Harlem_Shogun posted...
A 30 minute game with game length padded by extreme difficulty. Pass.

Ummm... I heard there's at least 45 minutes of gameplay.

Oh, that makes all the difference! /s

User Info: knight1014139

7 months ago#62
AWarAmp84 posted...
The_Hedon posted...
-Lo- posted...
I'm done supporting Xbox this gen. Complete and utter disappointment but then again I shouldn't have expected anything else.

Thank god, then we won't have to see you here. Then again, the outlook is even worse on the PS, so I assume you won't be on our PS forum section either?

Oh he's not going anywhere. It seems as though he lives to b**** about MS.

He definitely does. Seems kind of like a waste of someone's time to flat out say they are done supporting a product but will continue to post on a forum dedicated to said product. Dumb logic.
XBL Gamertag: TheRevan Lord
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