Dead rising 1 vs 4 which is better in your opinion?

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User Info: Acedawg98

6 months ago#1
Dead rising 4 wasn't the same As the previous games with no timer, health regenerates, exosuits, autosave, no pyschopaths, no challenge, not enough mall, overall not very good.

But dead rising 1 is a classic and the best in the series. it had lots of stuff to do in mall, timer, pyschopaths, no autosave, no Exosuits, a challenge, no regenerating health have to eat to get health. Overall dead rising 1 was a way better game than 4 because it was how dead rising should be

User Info: Darkneo20

6 months ago#2
i'm more of a casual gamer at this point in my life so i liked dead rising 4 the best no timer and autoregenerating health are plus's to me
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User Info: HellHole_

6 months ago#3
are you not sick of playing games, sick of giving blame
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User Info: slyman19

6 months ago#4
Both are pretty bad. 3>2>>>>>>>4>1

User Info: seankimberley42

6 months ago#5
I liked DR1 a lot more. Hell I just bought it for the FOURTH time when the triple pack was on sale, hit level 50 and beat the game a few times again. I could barely bring myself to finish DR4, then got about ten minutes into the story DLC before I quit it. It just feels like the developers completely forgot about what makes a Dead Rising game. No timer, no escort missions, juvenile and genuinely unfunny humour, no throwing, less interactivity with the world, a completely different sounding, acting and looking Frank and so much more.
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6 months ago#6

4 is a piece of s***
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User Info: natevines

6 months ago#7
Unpopular opinion, but 1 hasn't aged well. With the frequent load screens (and you have to go through like three to get a survivor back to the safe room and another three to get back to the mall), horrific survivor AI, some obnoxious weapon dynamics, navigation that feels broken (that damn arrow jumps all around randomly), AI pathfinding for survivors is embarrassing, annoying bosses, and just an overall chore-ish feel. I think I liked it in 2006, but probably only because of the novelty of the mall setting, my love for Dawn of the Dead, and the 'any weapon' dynamic. I barely touched 4 so can't really comment, but I can't say this franchise ever really thrilled me.

User Info: hitman_uk

6 months ago#8
DR4 was garbage. I regret buying that game. DR1 was the best in the series and DR2 was close.
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User Info: Bumbleoni

6 months ago#9
I liked 1 and 3, couldn't really get into 2 though, I might go back and try it again some time. I didn't buy 4.
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User Info: Joshjosh022

6 months ago#10
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