Store has stopped working for me.

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User Info: grizzly64

5 months ago#31
I don't get why everyone's assuming this has anything to do with the App Store as an actual Xbox app.

The servers seem to be down on a large scale considering how fast this thread is growing, and I'm assuming most people reading this could live anywhere...

User Info: yazman666

5 months ago#32
They are aware of the issue i just check the status:

Xbox One : Store

9/22/2017, 7:14:10 PM

Latest update:

Hello Xbox members, we’re currently experiencing an issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back for updates.

Want to get notified when this feature is back online?

We will only use the phone number that you provide to notify you when the service or app is back up and running. After we send the notification you requested, we will delete your phone number from our Xbox Live SMS notification system.
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User Info: TantrumBull

5 months ago#33
Still not working for me but I'm sure it will again soon.
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User Info: AlexBrangwin

5 months ago#34
There was an update to the store a few days ago, and all was well.
Then this morning...Xbox said the store app was out of date.

I'd say they blocked the old version but it nabbed the new version too.

Tried again this afternoon and there was another update so i thought effing YAY...but 140MB of a total 142...then stopped ><

Picked a hell of a time for this as Forza 7 is coming up and that 100GB download really needed this delay (Sarcasm)

User Info: seancannon

5 months ago#35
I was having the issue a couple hours ago but then it suddenly finished downloading and everything's fine, i did have it hang on the 98% download for about an hour

User Info: mcnichoj

5 months ago#36
Lost my $150 edition of Fortnite because of this server issue. All my other games still work fine.
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User Info: cheezedadada

5 months ago#37
BlueFlameBat posted...
cheezedadada posted...
My store won't load either and hasn't been able to start up for a good week. I click on the icon, it tries to load for a few seconds and then just crashes back to the main page. I reported the bug to MS and for the past week or so I have been using the browser version of the store to make purchases.

Are you guys in the Preview Program? I've been in it for a very long time now so I'm used to having s*** fall apart on me and having to submit bug reports.

I just got this problem today, but if you've been dealing with it a week, then this is an even bigger problem. Hopefully enough people make noise about it, because if there's one thing I've learned about companies lately, they don't usually fix problems unless they become bad PR. I'm not saying Microsoft is the only company that does this by a long shot, but just remember their always-online policy with the Kinect camera requirement and single-console compatibility for each game before they finally responded to the huge backlash... and Sony's snarky "this is how we share games on PS4" video.

I tried it again this morning and it was still crashing, but then I ended up just choosing that setting to reset your console while keeping your games and now it works .I have a store update sitting in my update section now (I didn't before), but I think I'll leave that alone since I can actually get in the store lol.
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User Info: MellyMew

5 months ago#38
QwQ I just this morning having this issue. Tried to get in shop says the error code and update or unistall..... Rawr!!!!

Anyone have an idea of eta?

User Info: MusuoJoe

5 months ago#39
I have the same update and It did just the same as you all, but I was charged today on my account 7:49$ for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that I never even played for the last 3 years and I think thats a 360 game and no gold on that console for 3 years. Check your accounts..
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User Info: Troika19

5 months ago#40
My console is acting really sluggish now. No suspicious transactions though.


Changed password to be safe though.
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