Store has stopped working for me.

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User Info: ShockTroooper

4 months ago#21
My update went completely through and disappeared and now I cannot do anything. I didn't get stuck at 98% but I still can't get in. Same Error Code

User Info: GobblerCopper

4 months ago#22
I reaaally hope they fix this problem before Monday.

User Info: GTAcrazy

4 months ago#23
GamerTag: Major Sousa

User Info: spartain117

4 months ago#24
EDIT: After it downloaded the update for the Xbox Store it went to installation stopped and didn't update.

I got a new app update for the Xbox Store but it's taking a little while to update.
If I have to evacuate from Florida I have to bring my PS4 with me so I don't lose Metal Gear Solid creators PT demo.

User Info: Andromeda18

4 months ago#25
This is also happening to me and I hope they fix this problem soon 😥

User Info: KylesRe57

4 months ago#26
Yup getting the error message too

User Info: satnodnye

4 months ago#27
I fixed this issue on my XBOX one by going to:
All Settings > System > Console Info > Reset Console > Reset and keep my games & apps

You will have to set up your gamer tag and default settings again, and you may lose save progress, not sure. But it did work and I am now able to access the store without any error.

User Info: Lock424

4 months ago#28
satnodnye if I have a joint account with some one and reset my console will I lose that and my gold subscription and ea access
(message deleted)

User Info: jrm096

4 months ago#30
I haven't been able to access the store as well. The downloading process is currently at 98%. Doesn't seem like it'll get much further. Microsoft needs to fix this.
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