Store has stopped working for me.

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User Info: BigLongDowner

5 months ago#11
I updated and having the same issue. About to do a hard reset now.
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User Info: BlueFlameBat

5 months ago#12
cheezedadada posted...
My store won't load either and hasn't been able to start up for a good week. I click on the icon, it tries to load for a few seconds and then just crashes back to the main page. I reported the bug to MS and for the past week or so I have been using the browser version of the store to make purchases.

Are you guys in the Preview Program? I've been in it for a very long time now so I'm used to having s*** fall apart on me and having to submit bug reports.

I just got this problem today, but if you've been dealing with it a week, then this is an even bigger problem. Hopefully enough people make noise about it, because if there's one thing I've learned about companies lately, they don't usually fix problems unless they become bad PR. I'm not saying Microsoft is the only company that does this by a long shot, but just remember their always-online policy with the Kinect camera requirement and single-console compatibility for each game before they finally responded to the huge backlash... and Sony's snarky "this is how we share games on PS4" video.
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User Info: Ron1989

5 months ago#13
Windows 10 store won't even download update.

User Info: ajaxle

5 months ago#14
Same thing here. Started a hard reset, then went online to the Xbox site to check LIVE status, ...and sure enough they're having problems. Store is down along with other services. Must be North Korean hackers or the lizard squad.
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User Info: BlueFlameBat

5 months ago#15
What lizard squad?
I don't care if it would make me a sexual tyrannosaurus! I'm not putting that crap in my mouth!

User Info: b166er01

5 months ago#16
Mindwipe77 posted...
Smokescreened84 posted...
I'm getting the same problem as well, for some reason an update for it won't install and now the story is completely disabled in all forms, not sure if MS are aware of the problem

someone should tell them

Xbox Support @XboxSupport
We appreciate your patience while our teams work hard to get access to the marketplace back up and running
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User Info: alaindc

5 months ago#17
BlueFlameBat posted...
What lizard squad?

kiddy "hacker" group that run script to launch dds attack.

User Info: spartain117

5 months ago#18
I've had this problem ever since I updated the Xbox Store app. So far the Win 10 store still works for me.
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User Info: etymologist

5 months ago#19
Yep, happening to me too. Tried several hard resets. Not in the program...nothing.
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User Info: Cherrybombxx1

5 months ago#20
I just got off the phone with MS and it seems they are aware of the problem. it's a bad store update or system error on their side and was told they have their engineers trying to fix it and was told to be patient. LMAO I can't play my games neither can my husband so good job on their part.

hope this helps everyone :(
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