This is the most radical topic this gen, what you'll read inside will shock you!

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User Info: AgentLocke

6 months ago#21
Just got a Switch and Zelda BOTW. I've never really gotten into this series and put all the hype off as normal Nintendo/Zelda nostalgia (nothing really against that). I gotta say it's well deserved though. Every little thing about this game so far has just reminded me why I love video games in the first place. Everything just feels so natural.

I'm also just loving the system in general. I'm playing Zelda on my tv, my daughter wakes up from her nap, throw the joysticks on the tablet, pull it out and play while she watches her cartoons. It's great.

Kinda off topic for the board but it fits this topic.

Edit: s***, didn't mean to bump an old topic, somehow ended up on page 4.
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User Info: patoriku_tora

6 months ago#22

Gotta love Foamy's take on the console wars lol
"What we do in life, echoes in eternity."
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User Info: CapwnD

6 months ago#23
Nazanir posted...
We're the ones who let it get to this point.

Well no, the mods just stopped modding like they used to. The mods are literally the ones that let this forum fall to the s*** that it is.
Death to the New Flesh, long live Videodrome!

User Info: zxghostravenxz

6 months ago#24
VENOMOUS75 posted...
Nazanir posted...
Babbit55 posted...
Nazanir posted...
Remember when we used to play games for fun?

Those were great times.

How about we do that once more? We are gamers first and foremost, what we play and where we play it on should be irrelevant to the discussion.

Honestly, I just don't enjoy these forums anymore. And of course, we could blame the mods for not doing anything, but we also need to blame ourselves. We're the ones who let it get to this point.

There isn't a single day that I check thesr boards, where the console wars are rampant. Fanboys and trolls duke it out. Is it really that hard to respect someone's choice in hardware? Is it really needed to have these pointless debates about resolution and FPS?

I bought the X1 knowing it was going to be weaker than thr PS4, but I didn't care, still don't. I bought it to play games. Remember games? Take a step back from your keyboard for a change, and have fun with the games you got for yourself. Enjoy yourself.

I know so much has changed.....

Btw, the Sega Megadrive is the best, you SNES fanboys are idiots, we have blast processing and dynamic audio!

Pshhh SNES for life.

I was lucky, I had access to both the SNES and Megadrive growing up. But there is one game that I will never forget, I played it on the SegaCD addon for the Megadrive. I think it was called Switch Panic or something. Was a very surreal game, and all the sound effect were done by one guy, making the sound effects by mouth. So for whooshing sounds, he just whooshed with his voice.

I still don't get the game till this day, but I remember having fun and laughing a lot with it.

Son, genesis had the blood code for MORTAL KOMBAT

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  3. This is the most radical topic this gen, what you'll read inside will shock you!

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