What do you play COD for?

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User Info: djmetal777

7 months ago#1
The babes? The booze? The fame? Or just to gloat about your own killstreak? i want to know what people play this classic series for.
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User Info: stekim40

7 months ago#2
I don't anymore. I used to play it 4-5 years ago but got sick of it and each new one seems to add very few new things or worthwhile improvements, so I simply don't buy it anymore.
Achievements/Trophies are for people who need a pat on their back because they managed to put a full spoon into their mouth without spilling its contents.

User Info: kennyynnoo

7 months ago#3
The wife. She likes split screen.
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User Info: flame030191

7 months ago#4
Forgive me for I am a noob. I know not what I do.

User Info: DGenerateKane

7 months ago#5
The campaign. Still haven't finished the campaign for the first Black Ops, got stuck when a glitch made a helicopter invulnerable. Can't complete the mission without destroying it.

User Info: Mr_Killstreak

7 months ago#6
I don't.

User Info: sonicteam2k1

7 months ago#7
pick up and play. no commitment
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User Info: shoji_jo

7 months ago#8
I haven't played COD in years. It was definitely not for my KDR or Killstreaks as I was pretty crap.
I guess it was for the fast paced adrenaline rush gameplay.
After a few years of the same old thing and not much improvement I was swayed by Battlefield and Titanfall for a new kind of rush.

I'd be tempted to buy a zombies game though. I think Zombie Chronicles was too expensive considering it didn't have all the maps. Well at least I don't think it has the terminal one anyway.

User Info: ill-thoughts

7 months ago#9
i only play against bots in single player. its a great war environment.
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User Info: geodANGER

7 months ago#10
fun. Love the campaigns and still enjoy muti-player even tho I barely get to prestige now a days. I just love FPS games in general and COD is always solid.
GT/Psn: Geodanger25
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