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User Info: GTAcrazy

5 months ago#31
There's also the whole Dolby Atmos thing coming that makes regular stereo headphones simulate surrounds sound, and it seems to work pretty well.
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User Info: GinsuVictim

5 months ago#32
Surround Sound system, though I do use headphones if I don't want to be a bother to everyone else or if I'm playing with friends.
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User Info: CapwnD

5 months ago#33
GTAcrazy posted...
There's also the whole Dolby Atmos thing coming that makes regular stereo headphones simulate surrounds sound, and it seems to work pretty well.

The current tech already does that, and it does it well. I'm sure Atmos will be nice too, though what I tried the stuff included on the Xbox was kind of terrible. I'm sure if it was implemented correctly it will sound as good as or better than what is already out there. I believe Astro and Turtle Beach use Dolby Headphone, but don't quote me on that. Personally I think the best for gaming is the Creative Recon3D but it's hard to get these days. Usually if you buy it used you're not going to get the cables which you need for chat. That's fine for me because I use my own custom setup with a mixer, but that gets extremely complicated.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

5 months ago#34
I have my old X12 headset hooked up to my TV, and a modified cable so I can use it to chat on X1, but usually I have my headset off. I only really wear it when playing with friends.
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User Info: VanderZoo

5 months ago#35
CapwnD posted...
Surround Sound all the way. Nothing like having the whole house shake when an explosion goes off.

Yes, surround sound headphones. You may not get the shaking house effect but the directional is more immersive and headphone audio can sound better than most home systems and as good as a high end home system. And honestly even the cheap non-surround sound headsets sound much better than the systems most people have.

The PlayStation pulse headset has a rumble feature.

User Info: Rand_Aybara

5 months ago#36
No, I have surround sound. I only use my headset when playing with other people

User Info: flame030191

5 months ago#37
I use my headset when playing with someone I want to chat with, but generally they get uncomfortable over time so I just stick with my TV’s audio system.

It still isn’t bad, my TV supports virtual surround sound on its own, so i don’t lose a ton of quality by not wearing my headset, which also supports virtual surround sound.
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User Info: forthecubbies83

5 months ago#38
Wow, almost an even split. I spend the majority of the time with my headphones off, unless I’m on PC. Then I always wear them. On console I use my 5.1 system.

User Info: Rings

5 months ago#39
Larni69 posted...
Rings posted...

I have an X-Rocker gaming chair.

Me too.

But the speakers seem reversed to I never use them.

I've owned two of them. The first one had phenomenal sound quality, however, it was uncomfortable to sit on.

The second one is newer, way more comfortable, has Bluetooth, however the sound quality isn't nearly as good as my old one.
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User Info: Andreas2402

5 months ago#40
oyessir. i have 2 pairs of custom in ear monitors (usually used by musicians, i mostly use them for listening to music or gaming). isolation 28db and ~ 35ish db. positive side effect: due to seal no outside noise (if listening to music) or only slight noise (if no sound/music) and no disturbing of neighbors.
if anybody wants to know they're called JH 10x3 and Spiral Ear Se-5
Few downsides though. If youre on the street you must be very aware of bikers, trams and cars, price is 3 or even 4 digit for some CIEMs, lots of cleaning required, low or no resell value, and dont ever put them in your small pocket or force them into a small space. you'll break them like i almost did.
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