Are you skipping work/school on nov 7th

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User Info: skermac

10 months ago#1
To spend time with your one x?
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User Info: ChubbierTube

10 months ago#2
No, I'm having it delivered to my job. :(
Don't judge me, monkey.

User Info: uptown710

10 months ago#3
When I was young and naive I would do things like that. But having been through the work world wringer I realize how valuable a sick day is. On top of the fact that November already has a 4 day weekend in it.
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

10 months ago#4
Absolutely. I will have a ton of vacation hours to use by then. Gotta use them before the year is over. Can't cash them in.
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User Info: ado982L

10 months ago#5
Planning too, but as work is busy, just having the Monday and Tuesday off work, probably be spending most of Tuesday delivery day doing game install and updates! I don't have a game drive/USB disc
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PS4: Aid_45

User Info: kennyynnoo

10 months ago#6
Stay at home dad, I'm thinking ill send my package to the ups store for pickup in case I'm not home when it comes. Its free to switch it to their and it'll be there around 11am instead of the usual 2pm or later at my house.
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User Info: DigitalFury_

10 months ago#7
No. Why the hell would I skip work for a video game console?
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User Info: J22InSpirit

10 months ago#8
Not skipping work, but I will get paid vacation time to enjoy my X.
Shemoth 14:14 "Yahuah fights for you, and you keep silent."
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User Info: -Lo-

10 months ago#9
Why? There's nothing important happening on that day.

User Info: madrileno23

10 months ago#10
I'm actually taking vacation days from 11/8 through that weekend...
I've been buying confirmed XBX enhanced games on ebay and Amazon used copies past couple of weeks, some of them as little as $7-8, getting ready for a huge Day1 of patch downloads and filling up my 4TB external drive.

Right now I have about 12 digital games I own confirmed for enhanced patch, and I bought another 10 or so.

Can't wait for Witcher 3 at 4k or checkerboard 4k whatever.
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