What game/series do you want brought back?

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User Info: Phlegyas

6 months ago#1
With so many games being remastered all the time it makes me hopefully that we'll eventually see a return of older IPs, maybe even new games from those IPs.

For me, it's not so much a single game, but I'd love to see the return of the armored mech genre. Games like Mechassault and Cromehounds were great, but there hasn't been much else like it. The closet thing is Titanfall, but I just can't really get into it (I do love the first person perspective though).
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User Info: Nodrog77

6 months ago#2
I would love to see Conker make his return to Xbox One, all the platformers from og Xbox brought back, like Pitfall The Lost Expedition, Blinx the Time Sweeper, Vexx...

The Burnout series, Project Gotham..

One of the series Id love to see come back, is coming back..Toejam & Earl. Back in the Groove is slated 4 a release sometime this year.
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User Info: thedude008

6 months ago#3
Splinter cell
and Turok might be neat to redo.
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User Info: MortalMadMatt

6 months ago#4
Conker or Banjo Kazooie.
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User Info: ryanrolain

6 months ago#5
Legacy of Kain
Crimson Skies
Shining force (srpg)
Oddworld (full new game)

User Info: middays_deep

6 months ago#6
Jade Empire.
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6 months ago#7

User Info: The_Hedon

6 months ago#8
SOCOM, Project Gotham Racing, Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon from the PS2/XBOG days, Midtown Madness
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User Info: SammichTime

6 months ago#9
Front Mission(back to its strategy roots though)
Nightmare Creatures
Phantasy Star(both types)
The Mana series
Mega Man Legends
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User Info: FrontSmithGrind

6 months ago#10
Splinter Cell
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