How is Dying Light?

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User Info: helIy

6 months ago#21
the fact that techland is still releasing more DLC for the game, years after release, and for free, is a testament to how much people love this game
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User Info: knight1014139

6 months ago#22
krazykiwikid posted...
Take note of the sentiment of people that don't like the game being "huuurrrd duuurrrr the gaem is hard it sucks worst game ever get a refund".

It's outstandingly good. I'd say easily in the top 5 games of this gen. A real sleeper hit. Graphics and atmosphere are astonishingly good. I actually LOVED being so weak and under powered at the start but it's great being a beast by the end too. I restarted my game and made a character so I didn't max out having infinite stamina and things like that. At the start I felt like a mouse running from point to point. A short sprint towards where I needed to go to have to stop in a "safe" hiding spot in bushes or something waiting for my stamina to replenish. Turning around and having an "oh s***" moment seeing that 3 zombies noticed you and are heading towards you. One zombie took a beating to kill. Your character panting from exhaustion when you finally smash their head in. Turning a corner then being face to face with 5 zombies and realising you had to haul balls and start scrambling over cars and up buildings to get away from them. Sprinting down an alleyway to get away from the runners you alerted... then seeing a big zombie smash through a doorway in front of you blocking your path. Time to start scrambling upwards again. So many fantastic gaming moments that I'll always remember. I've had so many moments that felt like scripted events I could write a zombie novel with them.

And that's only HALF the game. When the night comes. When the night comes. Oh god when the night comes. Run mother f***er run!

I absolutely recommend this game TC. If you're not a b**** you're going to love it.

Im definitely going to get it.
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User Info: unclekoolaid73

6 months ago#23
The grappling hook alone made this game great. A freaking grappling hook brah. Try to get it ASAP.

User Info: simonbelmont2

6 months ago#24
unclekoolaid73 posted...
The grappling hook alone made this game great. A freaking grappling hook brah. Try to get it ASAP.

Yep, stuff like that is why I like the upgrade system. It's nice that we can use a grappling hook and we can drop kick zombies.
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User Info: CapwnD

6 months ago#25
Never played Dead Island. Played like 2 minutes. Dying LIght felt nothing like what I played. Dying light is amazing, if your'e having a tough time then just stay in one area and level up a bit. I never even left the first area, my friends and I just go looting on the bridges in the cop trucks, and get the random drops, and the drop in the lake every day .
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User Info: rhino504

6 months ago#26
By far my favorite game this gen.

A must buy.

I never do side quests in games, but in Dying light I finished all the side quests.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

6 months ago#27
if you love dead island like i do, youll love this.
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User Info: Smakface13

6 months ago#28
Easily one of my favourite games of all time.

And the atmosphere and music is just fantastic, roaming around the city makes me feel like im in the beginning of Day of the Dead (minus the gator)
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User Info: Opunaesala

6 months ago#29
kyncani posted...
Rings posted...
Jiggy101011 posted...
It plays like Dead Island but with some parkour elements. Personally I couldn't get into the combat and kept getting my ass handed to me early on so I gave up on it.

Same here. It was too hard for my liking.

Same. You're supposed to be able to kill zombies faster when you get upgrades.

Ok, very well, but until you get those upgrades killing zombies is so f***ing long I got bored really fast. Plus if you die you're going to loose upgrade points so the boring part is going to stay boring even longer ><

I'll be wary of Techland next game.

You don't have to kill zombies at all in the early game. You can easily avoid them or use the environment to kill them quickly if you need to.

User Info: VooDism

6 months ago#30
As a Zombie Game fan.. Its really is like a Left 4 Dead Open World Action Role Playing type game.

(It has a Left 4 Bread Bakery in this game)

But the Grappling hook totally ruins it most of the time.. It really does.

The grappling hook in this game is by far the dumbest thing in it. Instantly fly up walls to roof tops.. Line zip along the ground. Its more like Spider Man webslinging then a grappling hook. Basically making it to easy to avoid zombies.. Why waddle through hordes when you can Spider Man fling over roof tops?

So if you want to have real fun.. Don't use the grappling hook unless its totally needed for an objective. And if you play with friends FORCE them to do the same.
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