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User Info: Draconian-White

1 year ago#1
I'm just curious why some prefer the Xbox to the Playstation, and the various reasons how they have arrived at that the conclusion?

For me personally, over the years I have noticed a disturbing trend that the Playstation communities have become downright toxic, ultra defensive, and inflammatory (especially coming to the forefront this generation) - both in the media and the multitude of online websites that offer discussion.

I've been gaming since the 70's, and I don't recall a more obnoxious, pernicious, and immature collection of empowered online derelicts bandying together to trash the video game landscape that's not named Sony.

You can see it everywhere, especially when playing online with random people on the PSN. Of course this is subjective, but I've ran across some of the worst "types" from the collective mentioned above, especially when mentioning something positive about the Xbox or the games in its library. I don't understand why some people take umbrage with other systems and games that are positive.

It reminds me of a delirious cult.

The top three reasons that I prefer the Xbox and its games to the PS4 are as follows:

1) Community
2) Controller
3) Online Infrastructure/Security

When I've played games and talked with Xbox users on XBL over the years, most of them come across as friendly, knowledgeable, and just looking for others to have fun with. People that genuinely love gaming and not bothered with the puerile antics of fandom grandstanding for a plastic toy.

It seems like there's more professionals and people with families, that aren't concerned with what other systems have or don't have; nor is it an incendiary group of people searching for imaginary bullet points to smother the competition. It's just more warm and friendly, compromised of gamers looking to play with other like-minded gamers.

I know that everyone's experience will vary, but this is just something that I have noticed over the years in my own gaming journey.

Of note: I've owned all of the Sony consoles, and also all of the Xbox consoles.

User Info: kennyynnoo

1 year ago#2
Well the Sony boards tend to play games I have no interest in. So I meet more on the Xbox board which reflects the community on the console for me. Truth is I sometimes create topics on here for games I bought on my ps4 just because I know it won't get ignored and pushed down with no replies. So the people I can relate with tend to own both or xbox. I don't really befriend ps4 only owners, they're usually playing games ill never buy.
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User Info: Deltron_Zero

1 year ago#3
Controller is a big thing with me.Maybe its that i have played with the Xbox controller so long or whatever.If you prefer the DS thats great but no controller is more comfortable than the xbox controller to me personally.

Also,i know here at gamefaqs this is blasphemy but even though MS does have fewer exclusives i do prefer them to the PS ones.Only PS game i have cared much about playing this gen so far was the Final fantasy 12 remake which isn't the end of the world for me.Again if you like PS exclusives great,i just don't.

I think the online and account system for PS has improved this gen but i have always found in the past that MS had a very solid online and account system.Last gen i remember getting free games and a year of identity fraud protection when my account details were hacked on PS3.while the worst that has happened on live is short outages.Pretty sure Sony has done way better now though.
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User Info: Onryoki

1 year ago#4
From my time on XBL in party chats with randoms...all i've got to say is lots of children and stoners. Smh i hate getting in raid teams with people who are high and just screw things up for hours on end.

User Info: kennyynnoo

1 year ago#5
Onryoki posted...
From my time on XBL in party chats with randoms...all i've got to say is lots of children and stoners. Smh i hate getting in raid teams with people who are high and just screw things up for hours on end.

That's why I stick to single player or vs bots. I only socialize games with friends. Gaming on anything is like that. I hate it.
Don't pick a side, you sound poor if you do.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

1 year ago#6
I can only describe my own personal experiences with the two services, but I'll attempt to answer your query as best as I can.

This will be the most subjective aspect, I feel, as players have unique motivations for wanting to play a game. But taking, for example, Titanfall 2 - I'd played this game on both XB1 and PS4, and the XB1 players, by majority, seemed to want to interact and play as a team more. On numerous occasions I entered matches on PSN where nobody had a microphone at all (versus only once on XBL, for that game).

Also, my cross-section might not be indicative of the community at large, but there were many more occasions on PSN in general where the players tended to be drunk or stoned. Once again, it's not an indication of any kind of majority, simply my experience.

I've found in my own experience that Xbox Live tends to be more cooperative and engaging in team-based games, whereas PSN seems to be more suited to zone-out, free-for-all styles of play.

Once again, an element of subjectivity here, but far and away, Xbox One's controller trumps the DS4 for me. Specifically the Elite controller (which is my primary), but I also have an arctic white with textured grip which is also extremely good.

Naturally, my thumbs' neutral point rest atop the left stick and the crevice in between the X and A buttons, so it's a perfect fit for minimal movement and use of controller real estate for me. In contrast, the Dual Shock's symmetrical sticks require an extension of my thumbs that isn't uncomfortable, but certainly isn't neutral. The trigger shape of the Dual Shock 4 is lippy and rounded, and has an odd sponginess to it that isn't really conducive to repeated, satisfying pap-pap movements.

However, the Dual Shock's L1 and R1 bumpers are superior to the Xbox One controller's LB and RB, simply down to build quality. These bumpers are the XB1 controller's weak point.

Removable batteries may be a sticking point for some people, but I'd rather have these than have a controller drain in a short 2-3 hour session from full as the DS4 does. I always have to have my two controllers on constant charge-rotation because the Dual Shock's battery life is so paltry, and as a result my wife and I rarely get to play games together on the PS4 unless we pre-emptively charge both DS4s (no impulsive PS4ing for us!).

Xbox One is the victor here.

Okay, for as much as you'll hear horror stories about the PSN, it's nowhere near as dire as you'll have been told, and has improved significantly over the past two years in particular.

PSN is more expensive than XBox Live now, and we could go on all day about whether or not the perks of the service warrant the price of the respective services, but I personally believe they're worth it if you play online often. Both services are stable for the most part, and offer decent games with the Plus/Gold services.

In terms of additional boons, the Xbox One offers backwards compatibility and Game Pass, and the PS4 offers PSNow/Classics. Backwards compatibility is great, but be wary of the titles still not in the program. Game Pass is a great idea, but I'm unsure it's worthwhile unless you rarely buy games at all. PSNow, however, I've found to be sorely wanting, downscaling streamed games tremendously, and not worth it for me at all. The "Classics" are merely PS2 games you can re-buy for relatively extortionate prices (£14 for a 15-year old game is really reaching), and unless you're desperate for a digital-only copy of Dark Cloud, I'd pass.

For me, Xbox One is the clear winner on two counts, and a close winner on the last. But, as I've said multiple times, your experience may be different. It's all down to personal account, and taste.

Hope that helps.
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User Info: sexbone

1 year ago#7
community and controller are relative and subjective
but ms has more security is quite true
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User Info: Ataraxy

1 year ago#8
My experiences are similar to yours, DW.

User Info: jmac1686

1 year ago#9
Well, I personally find that the men who play Xbox are way more attractive than those who play Playstation. Maybe because they are compromised of sexy gym-going guys who love their racing games and shooters. I must say the Gamestop release parties are a fun time filled with eye-candy.

Playstation has the exclusives I enjoy more due to the more cinematic nature of the games, but I enjoy a good shooter now and then which is why I am grabbing an X1X.
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User Info: characterz3ro

1 year ago#10
PS4 is for liberals
xbox is for real Americans
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