can we be honest about major nelson?

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User Info: Fishels

7 months ago#61
I actually think he's sorta nice to have around. He reminds me a bit of that Kevin Butler guy we PlayStation dudes had. Except Nelso isn't there to be funny.

Like Kevin he's basically a mascot. But I enjoy seeing him.

User Info: Hvv0l24n9

7 months ago#62
Holy s*** you people have problems.

This man has done nothing to any of you lol
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User Info: Jiminip

7 months ago#63
J22InSpirit posted...
He has no charisma. Just bland and straightforward.

This, nothing wrong with him, he's just a little dull.
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User Info: Seano_thegr81

7 months ago#64
I just find him annoying.

Like, really annoying.
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