Day 1 supportet upgrading to XBOX, what are you doing with Kinect?

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User Info: phoenix9291

6 months ago#21
Mr_arizona posted...
phoenix9291 posted...
Mr_arizona posted...
You can buy an IR Blaster for the volume and TV controls. It's a good substitute.

Voice commands work with a headset if you have Cortana turned on.

The S and X already have those IR blasters built in.

Heard the ones on the S are kinda iffy like not turning TVs on or gotta hit the volume button like 3 times before it registers. (I got the Original One)

I haven't personally had any issues.
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User Info: Kingkevin06

6 months ago#22
USB and an outlet? That's harsh.

Way to piss on the people that still use it.


6 months ago#23
idk if i can remember where i put it up in storage at to use it.
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User Info: urmie

6 months ago#24
Although I already packed up my Kinect, I will definitely pick up the new "4K HDR" releases coming, which although can be used with the Kinect, can now also be used with the controller. Good for the collection.
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User Info: Vamar

6 months ago#25
I sold it along with my OG Xbox One when I upgraded to an S last year.

User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
6 months ago#26
I ordered the adapter (it was on sale on Amazon for $30 cad instead of $50).

My Kinect lives in the living room so if my Xbox is ever set up there I can plug it in for dance central or other games that require it. Otherwise I leave it unplugged because it caused annoying problems like the game pausing randomly etc.
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User Info: suicide machine

suicide machine
6 months ago#27
If someone is already spending the extra money just to upgrade to the Xbox One X, is another $40 for the adapter really that big of a deal?
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