If they gimp games for us OG Xbone owners I'm out

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User Info: AlbertWesker1

7 months ago#1
Sorry but if they dare f***ing gimp any of their games like Halo 6 or Forza 7 and they all play and run like s*** on Xbox One forcing you to buy a One X I'm f***ing out

User Info: SonyPonyTony

7 months ago#2
That's how I feel about multipalts. If they dare gimp my PS Pro version I'm not going to stand for it, I'll sell my console. Damn you Xbox Scorpio!
Forza defined the Car Simulator Genre, it was always the highest selling franchise in the genre by a HUGE margin. - Izraeil

User Info: badwinkles

7 months ago#3
the fact this is a real concern is absurd. MS is the absolute worst
i live for sorcery

User Info: Theonerayman

7 months ago#4
It would be impossible to know if they gimped someone on purpose. As someone who owns a Pro and planning on buying on X, sometimes performance on the Pro is wildly inconsistent compared to the og ps4. Which makes exactly zero sense but it happens.
For Aiur!

User Info: LooksLikeRain

7 months ago#5
Here is a picture full of people who give a s*** what you do:

User Info: NuclearHendrix

7 months ago#6
The Xbox One launched gimped, so you're getting 720-900p and 30fps with dips whether you like it or not.
To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize - Voltaire

User Info: RonBurgundy929

7 months ago#7
Xbox One & PS4 Pro: RonBurgundy929

User Info: Mindwipe77

7 months ago#8
Get X or get out

User Info: jairusmonillas

7 months ago#9
Ofcourse they will gimp it.

Xbox One and Xbox One S are still the weakest this gen. LOL
PC-Battlenet:JairusMonill#1876 Steam:jairusmonillas PSN:JairusMonillasR3
Excited for: NBa 2k18, Gran Turismo Sport, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

User Info: Arizona_Joe

7 months ago#10
Let's gimp the the 2013 consoles with the biggest chunk of the console market so we can sell these 4k premium versions to a smaller audience for the same price.

You guys really think these consoles are gonna do anything special beyond making some games look a bit better that it'll actually hurt the 2013 console user experience? They're gonna build games for the 2013 consoles then see how they can improve it for the Pro and X. Not work backwards and give millions of console users a s***ty experience cause they want the premium users to get the best of the best.
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  3. If they gimp games for us OG Xbone owners I'm out

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