I think 2017 is the worst year EVER for xbox (any xbox console for any year)

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User Info: Flamechamp2333

7 months ago#1
This topic is mainly directed towards xbox one owners only (aka dont have pc, ps4, or handheld). And this topic is only about GAMES, not sales, not Microsoft's profits, only games.

I've owned an xbox 360 since 2008 and it was probably my best video game decision ever. I never subscribed to xbox live and I'm primarily a single player only player and I didn't regret it one bit. I actually did get it for fable 2 and ff13, both games that disappointed me, but again, the overall library dictates whether the console purchase is good and it was great for me.

Mass effect trilogy, dragon age origins, KOTOR, a slew of jrpg's like lost odyssey, tales of vesperia, infinite discovery, nier, magna carta 2, last remnant, ect. I enjoyed new series or games that I never played before like assasins creed series, witcher 2, bethesda's games like fo3, skyrim, oblivion and then alan wake, portal, ect. I freaking loved this era of games since it gave me everything I wanted for single player games and every year gave me more.

I don't know much about the first xbox except that it didn't last long before 360 released, but I do think every year people loved it and new series took off like Halo and online multiplayer for consoles so there's that.

I'm just looking at 2017 for xbox one and honestly, Microsoft needs to do better. They need to get their **** together. I know you guys will blast me for this, but I don't even own this console and I'm upset at how bad this year has been for them for GAMES. Scalebound and crackdown probably should have released, both canceled or delayed. Halo wars 2 is their big title in the first half and even halo and halo wars fans didn't even know it released.

And yes, I am comparing their first 8 months to ps4 and nintendos' as well. Ps4 had a killer start with gravity rush 2, yakuza games, nioh, horizon, nier a, persona 5, ff12hd, and the switch seems to be a huge hit and probably has the frontrunner GOTY with zelda and then splatoon, mario kart 8, ect. All of these months have gone by and its a case of, "Uh, are you there, Microsoft?"

So far, if I was an xbox only owner, I would be pretty peeved for this year so far. I can't remember any of my years with the 360 or the earlier years of the first xbox where a long stretch like this produced pretty much nada. I do think path of exile will deliver for fans of that genre, but come on, they need more.

User Info: Marshall_Law

7 months ago#2
Meh, Path of exile will give me more enjoyment than almost any game this year and it's free, Conan Exile also looks like it will be really good when the smooth out some of the edges. Not saying it's a great year but I've wanted PoE on a console since I first played it on PC a few years ago. Soooo I'm happy
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User Info: BibikiBayBoy

7 months ago#3
worst year EVER for xbox

that's actually a fact

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7 months ago#4
they better hope COD and battlefront look far better on the X. jk
it is pronounced Fortsa i think.

User Info: Mindwipe77

7 months ago#5
MS def needs to get their act together gameswise, but it still prefer their console

User Info: 0PTICS

7 months ago#6
First thing first, I had a PS4, now its just and X1 and Switch.

Worst year ever? No, because my X1 isn't an exclusive only console. It was for the PS4, unless it was a flash sale purchase. If someone ONLY has one console, they're going to buy multiplatform games as well, not just exclusives. So if someone is using their X1 for exclusives only, then yeah, I can see it possibly being the worst year (depending on their).... FOR THEM.

User Info: XnarutoX626

7 months ago#7

Is TC a troll?

User Info: KiltyMcBagpipes

7 months ago#8
Mindwipe77 posted...
MS def needs to get their act together gameswise, but it still prefer their console

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User Info: xSublimex

7 months ago#9
I think Gamescon now is as important as ever. They need to bite the bullet, put their hands up and say ok, 2017 was poor BUT look what we have to offer in a few years to keep the Xbox fans hyped. We know what we've got to look towards in the next year or so with PUBG, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves etc but I think it's time now to show what the future holds. Drop a Halo Trailer, the rumoured Fable game from Studio Gobo and whatever else they have in the works. Sony does this with great effect. The problem with Ms, is that they play the cards so closely to their chest that they have nothing to full back on in terms of pleasing fans. Crackdown 3, although not really showcased that long ago (2014), has now been delayed multiple times and fans are worried. Personally if they stopped showing the same games and look further down the line in what to expect, they wouldn't heavily have to rely on showing the same games to keep fans interested. I think we can all say that a Halo and an actual AAA Fable game are unlikely to get cancelled so I think it's time to throw us a bone

User Info: Discharged19DCS

7 months ago#10
Hopefully they are embarrassed by this scenario and have something planned to mitigate.
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