Think of the last 2 games you played...

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User Info: Frank_CastIe

7 months ago#1
Yup, we're doing one of these topics. So you and the main character of the last game you played are replacing the main characters of whatever you played before that.

Umm, so I guess Jason Voorhees and I are in Life is Strange now...I'm totally gonna sacrifice Arcadia Bay for him
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User Info: G4meHawk

7 months ago#2
This is strange, I guess me and dragonborn will be in splatoon 2 now? If xbox only we'll be in Titanfall O_o

User Info: fratalien

7 months ago#3
A monster hunter playing yugioh...splendid.
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User Info: Super_Game_guru

7 months ago#4
Overwatch now only has a girl with a vacuum.

I don't think this will turn out well.
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User Info: AgentLocke

7 months ago#5
My barbarian with a loin cloth and stone axe from Conan going into GTA Online. I am f***ed.
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User Info: Sila98

7 months ago#6
Black Ops 3 and Skyrim. Not sure how that works out.

User Info: simonbelmont2

7 months ago#7
Geralt and I are in Skyrim then.
"Let me tap dance on him, won't ya?"

User Info: patkelly929

7 months ago#8
If it's considered to be anything like Pocket Circuit Racing, Kiryu Kazuma and I will be a strong team controlling cars in Rocket League.
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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
7 months ago#9
So I guess me and a transparent guitar neck from Rocksmith are getting in our rocket cars for some car soccer.

User Info: WhitGameR44

7 months ago#10
Faith (Mirror's Edge Catalyst) and I are bouncing and grinding around Sunset Overdrive.

That actually works lol.
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