For honor is so cool. Such a great game.

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  3. For honor is so cool. Such a great game.

User Info: 305michael305

7 months ago#1
And season pass was on sale that was sweet

User Info: dided21

7 months ago#2
Its a good game, but the servers almost killed it, hopefully those dedicated servers coming with the update will make it work like it should.
GameFAQs is awesome, good community here.

User Info: Charocks

7 months ago#3
Ubisoft should just kill that garbage game already instead of drawing it out. I played the beta and realized it was a steamer but my friends foolishly bought into the hype and spent $100+ on a game they played for a little over a month.
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User Info: KiltyMcBagpipes

7 months ago#4
It's a pile of s*** with s***ty servers.
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User Info: Z_Cavaricci

7 months ago#5

I'll just leave this here.

User Info: Poogie416

7 months ago#6
my friends and I all downloaded it for the free play weekend and we ended up enjoying it. so we all bought it. spent 30 bucks in worse ways before.
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User Info: 305michael305

7 months ago#7
For one vs one it's amazing like a fighter game.
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  3. For honor is so cool. Such a great game.

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