The last good multiplayer Halo game?

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User Info: iammaxhailme

7 months ago#41
2, because after 2 they weren't on PC. Autoaim in multiplayer is BS.
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User Info: AgentLocke

7 months ago#42
Twinmold posted...
Get a BR and I'll take you on with one SMG and obliterate you at close range.

Lol wut? No, at any range a BR would destroy you. BR had a lower TTK at all but point blank range, and at that range, a BR user can melee you, and then easily headshot you for the kill. This isn't even getting into the immense effectiveness of the BXR. The SMGs and dual wilding were absolutely useless.

An SMG and Plasma Rifle combo absolutely destroyed.

I mean, it was better than one SMG, but hardly a game changer. Halo 2 was dominated by the BR.

This is sorta against your regular shtick GTA. Shouldn't you be crying about automatic weapons like you usually do about them in Halo 5? Why the change of heart?

Halo is a lot more than just the weapon you have. It takes skill.

He says to the man who no doubt has at least double your play time across the Halo titles.

As someone with at the very least 3-4K hours in that game, this post is pretty dead on.

But I agree that 5 was the last good MP. I can't see how anyone would say it was less than good. To this day it has the best net code of any game I've ever played, it's polished up and down and just has really fun gunplay. It also has the best weapon balance in the series in a long time iirc.
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User Info: HighVoltage87

7 months ago#43
Last good one? 4.

I thought 5 was better than 4, but after playing it in MCC, I realized it is way better than 5.

User Info: DeadCellScorpio

7 months ago#44
Halo 5 hands down. followed by Halo 4

While Halo 2/3 are classic and broke the mold they are just slow and tedious by todays standards
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