We need an indie sale on the not s***ty indies

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User Info: NeuralLaxative

7 months ago#1
So many good split screen/couch party indies but don't wanna pay 15 bucks a title

That cooking one
Towerfall + expansion
Lethal Leauge

At least they gave us speed runner. Love to see us get nidhogg
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User Info: gbpackers

7 months ago#2
Arizona Cardinals cheated in the OT game. The coin flipping controversy as well. We've been cheated by the NFL. - 2016

User Info: DvoloS88

7 months ago#3
There have been some really good ones for free since games with gold came out. Max: curse of brotherhood was fantastic, right now runbow if free. Actually not that bad, very colorful and original concept. The couch/online mp is f***ing bananas.

But yeah I agree, more sales on the good indies.
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User Info: NeuralLaxative

7 months ago#4
I have not tried runbow yet, glad to hear it's decent. There's so much mediocre stuff out there it's hard to sift through and find the good ones sometimes
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User Info: zombody

7 months ago#5
I'm buying at least one per week now it seems. Just keep waiting and keep your eye on the sales, it seems like there's almost always one hidden gem of a game in the sales...usually...
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  3. We need an indie sale on the not s***ty indies

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