Is it worth switching from ps4 to Xbox?

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User Info: thedude008

6 months ago#11
keep em both, you're in a great spot. grab an X1X later.
i think that's the best setup; PS4 for their great exclusives, X1X for the best of multi-plats (best console and controller IMO)

i went xbox, as a few extra games isn't enough to play 99% of my games on what i feel is an inferior controller (comfort trumps all)
would've been nice to have a base PS4 and get X1X later though. not worth going xbox and ps pro, or selling my xbox for pennies to get the X.
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User Info: pobbes

6 months ago#12
I wouldn't. The exclusives are too good to miss. If you really want to play with your friends, get an Xbox but keep the PS4. Best of both worlds.

User Info: G4meHawk

6 months ago#13
No just keep both, and dont be afraid of trying a new game. Its different when selling a game but trust me, if you get rid of a whole console you'll just want it again later on.

User Info: RonBurgundy929

6 months ago#14
drewdirienzo posted...
What I read every day, the brand is in trouble. No exclusives and getting wiped.

Another quality topic here...
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User Info: JanayBerry

6 months ago#15
I'm not picky, but I'll note this:

I had a PS4 before buying an Xbox One, primarily to upgrade from PS3 as I was heavily playing DC Universe and Final Fantasy XIV. Elder Scrolls Online made me happy as well.

However, at the end of the day, when those games are down for maintenance, it's like I'm struggling to play something else; low interest. On Xbox One, when my main game is down, I don't mind playing other games.

I was holding onto my PS4 due to DC Universe, Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy XIV. The Xbox One has 2 out of 3 of those, and IF FFXIV release on Xbox One, I'll be getting rid my PS4.
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User Info: nanofazz97

6 months ago#16
I actually think it's worth owning both.

The PS4's better for RPGs and the Xbox One's better for FPSs.

User Info: cymanx

6 months ago#17
In short, no. You don't have access to exclusives, and some parts of the X-1 dashboard are a bit sluggish at best. The only thing the X-1 has over the PS4 is a superior headset.
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User Info: Balzak74

6 months ago#18
Look at what games are currently out, and upcomming exclusives. Which console has games that interest you more. Last gen, i had the 360, ps3, and Wii

Honestly this gen, i think i am perfectly happy only having one. I do have both ps4, and x1. However one of those has been has been sitting in it's box since January.

How many games do you need. For example i will not even consider purchasing, a console unless it has five games i am intrested in.

If you miss playing on line with your friends, hunt around for deals. If you would consider it, how bout a used or refurbished x1
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6 months ago#19
Why not just get both?
^^^ Above statements are my opinions and mine alone...

User Info: ShELbY_GT500

6 months ago#20
This is either an attempt at subtle trolling, in which TC has failed or this is just a dumb question.

You're basically asking if having fun with your friends is worth not having fun with your friends. Though I'm going with failed attempt at trolling. Keep practicing and you'll get there one day!
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