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User Info: _Doomguy_

1 year ago#11
Rings posted...
Well enough to send the trolls into a f***ing frenzy.

So I'd say it's doing pretty good.
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User Info: pobbes

1 year ago#12
First half was terrible. second half they will probably do better. but that's how MS is all the time, releasing their big stuff during holidays.

User Info: VanderZoo

1 year ago#13
Pretty bad compared to Sony.
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User Info: Zalker87

1 year ago#14
9/10 nothing is perfect.

But it was an awesome first half of the year. Halo Wars 2 is awesome and all the multiplat games are fun.

Wildlands was so fun for me I loved playing with my buddies. And especially on my elite controller.

Also E3 was the best of the show and the new Xbox One X is going to be amazing.

Overall pretty amazing. Best console on the market for sure.

User Info: violentdissmay

1 year ago#15
Personally haven't bought an Xbone game since gears 4. So I dunno, 2?
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User Info: Mindwipe77

1 year ago#16

they are great with the updates and improving the overall experience with the system, but they are still hurting big time on games outside 3rd party multiplats. Aside from just a few games like super lucky tale, crackdown 3 or cuphead, not much to look forward to gamewise.
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User Info: sexbone

1 year ago#17
it's good ms, keep going :)
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User Info: abbeldydoo

1 year ago#18
People still act as if Halo Wars 2 is bad.Its one of the best games i have bought in forever.Only issue at all i have with it is it needs a gametype voting system for MP.
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User Info: DontCry

1 year ago#19
Gamefaqs, where if you have a different opinion you're a troll.

User Info: cymanx

1 year ago#20
It is the best cross-platforming system around for consoles. The PS4 is crippled by PSN's slow download speeds.
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