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User Info: SavageDonzilla

1 year ago#11
Honestly, I'd rather play the 2 old ones than anything that Bioware pumps out. It'd just end up being disappointing trash.
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User Info: kst8er

1 year ago#12
i recently went back and replayed the first one, and most gamers nowadays wouldnt be impressed, you dont even get your lightsaber until halfway through the game
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

1 year ago#13
Now that would be dope...I hope they don't ruin it with the sjw stuff
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User Info: ItchyIsVegeta

1 year ago#14
I would honestly like all the SWTOR content rereleased in a console game with Mass Effect, or classic KOTOR like gameplay. All the voice work, concept art, and story is already finished. Just make it and call it a day.
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

1 year ago#15
Lol ruin it with sjw stuff
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User Info: Jamin

1 year ago#16
Battleship_Gray posted...
I could dig it, never played one but heard all the praise.

I would definitely check it out. If you have a decent PC that can run it, it might be worth checking them out. I believe there are mods for KoTOR 2 that restore the cut content.

I'm not a PC gamer, so I can't exactly speak for those versions, but the games were enjoyable when I played them back on the Original Xbox. This is coming from someone who isn't a fan of turn-based RPG games (I know the game play is really 'round based', not traditionally turn-based, but still).

If they plan on making a spiritual successor, I'd love if they made it an action-RPG.
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User Info: littlebro07

1 year ago#17
Jiggy101011 posted...
It makes sense. EA owns Bioware and has the star wars license, Xbox could use a big 3rd party IP for E3 that comes out on its consoles and PC. KOTOR 3 would be a pretty big win for Microsoft.

This. Though I have a feeling it would be on PS4 too.

User Info: RococoEra

1 year ago#18

If the 3rd rate losers who made andromeda stay far away from it, and it keeps the sjw s*** to minimum it could have potential.

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User Info: ziadon

1 year ago#19
Played this not so long ago on my IPhone 6s it's still an excellent game. I would get it again if it ever came out on the Xbox One.
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User Info: littlebro07

1 year ago#20
Just read on Reddit that the guy who leaked this is the same guy who predicted Shadow of War's announcement in March

Could it be?!
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