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User Info: Nerv1

2 years ago#61
Home: 1GB/1GB
Where I'm staying at now: 20MB/10MB
I miss home.
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User Info: flame030191

2 years ago#62
30/30 here. Using a PowerLine adapter.

User Info: Darkest_Evil

2 years ago#63

User Info: josh_b

2 years ago#64
150 down and 50 up... and completely unlimited.
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

2 years ago#65
Mine's called a faster number than it is. It's about 50/20 (down/up) on wifi.
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User Info: PlayboyCG

2 years ago#66
10/1 running consistently at 7 and 1. Fastest they offer in my area. 35 dollars a month. Does Alright. I can play live while my wife watches netflix without too many hiccups. My ping is always high in rocket league though. Anyone have any tips to lower it? I've done open ports and stuff.


2 years ago#67
200/35...can't complain

User Info: CapwnD

2 years ago#68
0ofreako0 posted...
i'm supposed to get 200mbs down, but i more realistically get a little over 100mbs through my wireless.

edit: also, we all know that "Mb" which is the advertised speeds aren't the same thing as "MB", right? i mean, i didn't realize this was how it went until the last year or so. i just don't know if other people realize it.

I wouldn't say that they advertise it that way, I think they usually state facts. But they say it in a way where it seems like they intentionally want people to think that it means megabytes (MB) instead of megabits (Mb)
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User Info: chip1289

2 years ago#69
75 down, 25 up
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User Info: Gurn Blanston

Gurn Blanston
2 years ago#70
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