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  3. Is Homefront worth $20? Does it run better?

User Info: McCartneyMartin

2 years ago#1
Surely it has been patched?

User Info: reidyboy102998

2 years ago#2
I paid $50 for it at Best Buy, which came with a steel book. I played 12 hours and it was worth it. I haven't played it in a long time though, so yeah. I'm pretty sure Dambuster Studios fixed most of the issues.
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User Info: Grenadus

2 years ago#3
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User Info: GordonFreeGin

2 years ago#4
Game is boring honestly.
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User Info: ccw47

2 years ago#5
i just bought this. played an hour and i say frame rate is good. i read most topics on this game to make sure its worth buying. yes they did a lot of work patching. but s*** i never read about the aiming issue. turn speed and aim speed are the same and i don't think i can play through this game like that. this is basic s*** they f***ed up on and i guess they don't think its an issue. i don't get why all shooters don't have the option to adjust turning speed as well as aiming speed.

User Info: xninjagrrl

2 years ago#6
its not worth free
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User Info: daniel79

2 years ago#7
It's still so buggy to be honest but it's 'okay'

User Info: bojangles22

2 years ago#8
I had fun with the multiplayer.
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User Info: SixStringHero

2 years ago#9
The frame rate was the only thing holding it back.

It plays like an urban Far Cry but with a much more oppressive atmosphere and better climbing and mantle mechanics.

I had a lot of fun with the game, and being able to convert and add attachments to guns in real time a la Crysis was a nice touch as well.
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User Info: jimbach13

2 years ago#10
I enjoyed it. I was hoping the season pass would have gone on sale by now.
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