Are you getting Watch_Dogs 2 next week?

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User Info: Raiden243

1 year ago#1
Are you getting it? Watch Underscore Dogs 2?

User Info: doutforharambe

1 year ago#2
Nope. Watchdogs 1 was underwhelming.
RIP Harambe

User Info: vigorm0rtis

1 year ago#3
Nope. I want to play it, but I won't support Ubis bulls*** this time. Waiting for the bargain bin.
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User Info: GoldenHamster

1 year ago#4
Can't decide between titan fall 2 or watch dogs 2
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User Info: BigLongDowner

1 year ago#5
I went with Dishonored 2. I did enjoy Watch Dogs but I'm going to wait for a sale.
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User Info: TheGm86

1 year ago#6
Buying a Ubisoft game....ever.

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User Info: RonBurgundy929

1 year ago#7
It'll be the first game I play on my PS4 Pro.
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User Info: Marshall_Law

1 year ago#8
Only ubisoft game I'll be getting is For Honor
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User Info: trostol

1 year ago#9
probably gonna rent it..though i had planned on getting it originally

User Info: blingbling078

1 year ago#10
No watch dogs 1 was my worst buy thisn gen.. getting dishonored 2 then ff 15
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