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  3. Everybody who play's Overwatch, do you ever just play one match?

User Info: AttackOnTitan

2 years ago#1
Every time I want to just get a quick game in. I'm always saying one more and then 4 hours later XD.
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User Info: GRTooCool

2 years ago#2
Nope. It's impossible. I think this applies for all kinds of shooters too. Whether it's Overwatch, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. I don't think I ever just signed on to play one match.

But no, I don't think I stayed for 4 hours either. lol. That's too much for me. I personally start to feel fatigue if I go over 2 hours and my "skill" drops dramatically. That's when I know it's break time. =D
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User Info: RococoEra

2 years ago#3
Yeah, I got in a match with black widows on my team. Was the only matchange I played that day.

User Info: justsaewhen

2 years ago#4
Definitely applies to Rocket League.

User Info: KiltyMcBagpipes

2 years ago#5
Yes. I'll play one or two matches an evening. If my friends are on I'll play more.
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User Info: GoldenHamster

2 years ago#6
Do it all time, I'll probably play more later during the day but I can play one game and be satisfied.

It's a really good pick up and play game imo. That's why I love it.
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

2 years ago#7
If I'm still playing the campaign or another feature or I'm juggling my backlog I'll either do 2 full matches or play til I level up since I don't have any dedicated friends to game with
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User Info: vashkey

2 years ago#8
Im sure its hapoened but i generally dont load the game up with the intent og playing just one match. Heck, some matches are short enough to equel the amount of time it takes to boot up the console, load up the game and wait for a match to start in the que
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  3. Everybody who play's Overwatch, do you ever just play one match?
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