Dc universe online. It's finally on Xbox one.

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User Info: Kangkoopa713

1 year ago#21
305michael305 posted...
Any idea what the ultimate version add on gets you?

I would guess all the new powers maps and gear and any upcoming dlc they might add season pass

User Info: 305michael305

1 year ago#22
Does that include episode packs 1-3 that are up and can be bought for various prices.

User Info: 305michael305

1 year ago#23
Do you need to by the yearly online membership or its ok not to

User Info: vayne145

1 year ago#24
305michael305 posted...
Do you need to by the yearly online membership or its ok not to

If it's like the ps version if you use the free membership you will be severely limited in stuff. But I remember I bought ONE dlc pack and it gave me the next level i think "premium" for ever. I still have it when I go online and never paid for a subscription once. But that was like 2 years ago since I've been on idk if they have changed it yet.

User Info: SubwooferKing

1 year ago#25
Had fun on ps4. I'm tempted to try it again. Dunno if I've really got time and have a big backlog.
PS4-KushAssassin206 360/Xbox One-KushAssassin2o6

User Info: Owl_dcuo

1 year ago#26

Q: When can I play DCUO on Xbox One?
A: DCUO will launch on Xbox One on Friday, April 29, 2016, around 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT.

Q: When can I download DCUO on Xbox One?
A: DCUO is now available for download. Visit the Xbox Store.

Q: What content is available on Xbox One?
A: All content currently available on other platforms will also be available on Xbox One. This includes the base game, as well as the optional add-on Episodes 1-23.

Q : Will there be crossplay on Xbox One with PC/PSN?
A: No. The Xbox One community will be on their own separate servers; we do not have crossplay with PC/PSN.

Q: Can I transfer my existing character or purchases to Xbox One?
A: No. Characters and purchases are unique to each platform. If you would like to start again on Xbox One, you will need to create an Xbox account, create characters, and make any purchases you want directly on Xbox One.

Q: What size is the download for DCUO on Xbox One?
A: About 35gbs (34.62gbs, to be more specific).

Q: Is DCUO free-to-play on Xbox One?
A: Yes, DCUO is free-to-play. Head to the Xbox One store to start the download.

Q: Is XBox Live Gold required on Xbox One?
A: Yes, you must have Xbox Live Gold in order to access DCUO on Xbox One.

Q: How do I make purchases on Xbox One?
A: Membership, bundles, and Marketplace Cash can be purchased for real money in the Xbox One dash. Once purchased, Marketplace Cash can be used in the in-game Marketplace to purchase content, styles, convenience items, Legends characters, and more.

Q: What is Membership in DCUO and what does it include?
A: Membership adds to / enhances your in-game experience in DCUO, with monthly grants and access to content and features. For more information on what’s included with membership, visit https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/shop/membership

Q: Does Membership on Xbox One recur, or do I need to purchase it each month?
A: Membership on Xbox One will not recur, but you can make multiple Membership purchases to stack time. For more information, visit https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/shop/membership

Q: Will the Xbox One version of the game receive the same updates as the PC and PlayStation versions?
A: Yes, the plan is to keep all platforms in sync with the same updates and content. This may not always be possible, but this is the overall goal.

Q: I would prefer to play Xbox One in a language other than English. How can I do this?
A: To play DCUO in a supported language other than English, visit the Xbox One store and look for your free language audio pack under Add-ons.
There are Audio Add-On packs available for French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Once the Add-On pack is finished downloading, you can switch the audio in-game by going to Settings > Audio and selecting the corresponding language from the Audio Language dropdown.

Q: How do the Xbox One achievements work in DCUO?
A: Achievements are unlocked the same way as on other platforms. This is by completing the corresponding feat in our game. Membership is not required to gain achievements on Xbox.

Q: Are players I have blocked on Xbox One also blocked in DCUO?
A: Yes, our system will ignore and mute any players you have blocked through your Xbox account.

Q: How can I learn more about the game?
A: To learn more about DCUO, visit our game page at https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/game

Q: I need help getting started. Where should I go?
A: To get started in game, read our new series of starter guides to help you get started on your journey in DCUO. https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/guides/dcuo-get-started
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User Info: Graybes

1 year ago#28
Honestly even if you don't plan to play the game long term it's still super fun to just mess around making different types of heroes and villains in the completely free version. I spent more time creating new characters just for fun when I played it on PC.
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User Info: loomis21701

1 year ago#29
No fee

User Info: 305michael305

1 year ago#30
I think this is how I'm going to buy stuff n the market place. I will start later this weekend and get the ultimate addition dlc. Then I will get all the episode packs or the yearly online serice. By the end of the summer I will get all the episode packs and any other paid dlc I see on the marketplace that isn't a recurring pay like in game cash I'm just taking episode packs and power up things. It's expensive but seems worth it to me so little by little that's my plan.
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