Your proud accomplishments in a game lately?

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User Info: Snake_Oil

2 years ago#11
Man, talk about some serious HEAT! : P

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

2 years ago#12
I double eagled a par four from 186 yards away in Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. That was pretty cool.
People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." - Isaac Assimov

User Info: Arizona_Joe

2 years ago#13
Killing 17 Spartans in Warzone on Halo 5 in 1 base by myself with 1 life. We lost that game by a lot anyway. Stupid team not using power weapons or vehicles.

User Info: Look_A_Username

2 years ago#14

User Info: ado982L

2 years ago#15
I finished Borderlands 1 at level 35ish (playthrough 1) with a level 15 SMG
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User Info: Madness_Returns

2 years ago#16
I got the Idling achievement in Lego Harry Potter 2 by standing still with no controller input for five minutes. Man, I was so proud of myself!
"We're all mad here"

User Info: Snake_Oil

2 years ago#17
Look_A_Username posted...


User Info: M1Punk

2 years ago#18
I betrayed a douchebag in Halo 5 who was AFK the whole time.

User Info: Laylow12

2 years ago#19
Anakerie posted...
In Fallout 4 I hooked a TV up to a generator and put Mama Murphy's chair in front of it. She just watched the test pattern all day. I also helpfully dragged Wolfgang's corpse into Trudy's diner and shoved him in a booth because she said she was looking forward to seeing him rot. Now she doesn't have to miss a moment!

What a sweetheart!

The Queen of Light took her bow, and then she turned to go.
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone.-Battle of Evermore/Zeppelin

User Info: denniedarko

2 years ago#20
lightfighter posted...
Just got 1000/1000 Assassins Creed II. Yeah, I'm a few years behind on this game.

I just did this too. Actually came in here to post this.
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