So Angry Joe gave Fallout 4 8/10. How do you feel about his Halo 5 score now?

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User Info: MallyPureSmooth

2 years ago#51
AsGryffynn posted...
RevengeGamer posted...
syne posted...
Halo 5 at 6/10 and Fallout 4 at 8/10 sounds pretty on point, yeah.

No it doesn't, halo 5 is higher then a 6/10

Unless he likes story, since that's Halo's weak point and where Fallout 4 really shines...

Lmao wtf, I mean I like Fallout 4 and all, but the story doesn't come close to shining.
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

2 years ago#52
DepreceV2 posted...
You can look at this and compare. How do you feel about his score now? Still hate it? Love it? Don't care? What?

Well his Halo score was accurate. His rhetoric (not the number score) for his FO4 review was messy and not concise. Not to mention he flat out gets some facts wrong. 1 example: The idiot says its SO hard to make money in FO4 and you're always broke. Then says you need to get Local Leader perk to make more caps, but then says (or yells) you need CHARISMA 9 to unlock it. No, you need CHR 6. Not professional and very sloppy.,

User Info: SixStringHero

2 years ago#53
His Halo 5 review was garbage.

It's his job to know what is going on within the industry and he and pretends he didn't know ahead of time that splitscreen wasn't going to be incorporated into the game.

He claims he completed the game in 4.5 hours yet only references a blurry screen cap of his recording software. He could have just as easily brought up the in game Service record and showed us the Campaign time, but he didn't. This along with the fact that no other reviews mentioned it being that short along with the average game time being longer for most players tells me his claim is bulls***. And you have no business playing Halo on anything less than Heroic if you're versed in shooter and Halo games, especially if you are playing with a full squad.

His REQ complaints was also ridiculous as he glossed over the fact they are completely optional, not invasive and as a result of being completely optional the community will receive free maps so the player base won't be split up like so many other shooters on the market. In a follow up video AJ said he doesn't have a problem buying DLC map packs. Either he's obtuse or a hypocrite.

The story complaints are subjective. While the game did have a weaker story than previous Halo games, the game play was fantastic and the levels were also well done. AJ didn't even review Reach or Halo 4, he didn't even know the story of Halo 4 or play it, so he's not a Halo fan and his review pretty much was click bait more than anything.
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

2 years ago#54,
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