NXE is stuck updating.What do i do?

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User Info: cheezedadada

2 years ago#11
Ahh nice, I came back here to tell you to hard reset it if it's still stuck because I remember doing that before and it was fine after. Worst case scenario I think you might have needed to use an offline USB recovery stick or something if the situation went really downhill.

You should be all set from the sounds of it.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

2 years ago#12
You need to hard reset. Then when it boots to the green xbox screen, wait 10 mins. If it doesn't boot fully through, you need to hard reset, then unplug the xbox for about 30 secs. Plug back in, turn on console and wait 10 mins. Repeat until your console boots to the new dash.

Edit: Ah you fixed it. Good job.
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  3. NXE is stuck updating.What do i do?

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