New Xbox One Experience FAQ and Known Issues

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    July 26th:

    July 27th:

    July 28th:

    July 30th:

    August 3rd:

    August 7th:

    This is the update with the new UI, which can be seen here.

    Xbox One Insiders - You Asked, We Listened - Changes to the insider program:

    August 10th:

    Today we’re inviting new participants to join Preview Alpha, and removing some inactive Preview Alpha participants.

    Those invited to join Preview Alpha will receive an Xbox Live message today with the invite and instructions on how to join. Users invited to join Preview Alpha today have been Xbox Insiders for at least six months and met two or more of the following criteria:

    • Active on one or more consoles enrolled in the Xbox One Update Preview

    • Submitted detailed Report-a-problem feedback in the last 90 days

    • Made significant Xbox Insider XP gains in the last 90 days

    We removed access to Preview Alpha from some Xbox Insiders who did not have a console currently enrolled in Preview Alpha or provided no feedback to the Xbox team over the past 90 days.

    From time to time we will update Preview Alpha membership based on the above criteria. - This link will only work for preview members.
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