Which did you like more- New Saints Row or Old school Saints Row

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User Info: darklinkfan55

3 years ago#31
the third killed the series for me. I know for a fact that I wont ever play another saints row again...
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User Info: BEAST305

3 years ago#32
CrazyGuy1628 posted...
I enjoyed the first one the most, second was good but not better imo. 3 I never finished and the newest one I enjoyed alot, the music was good and I enjoyed them making fun of different games.

First one was the best. Second was alright, the third ruined the series for me. Didn't even bother touching the fourth one. I hope they go back to their roots if they make another one. The customization in the first one was deep with the cars and especially the clothing. Then they slowly stripped that away as the series went on.

User Info: XMidnightMidnaX

3 years ago#33
I started the series with The Third and then played IV, 2, then the original. I must say, I love them all, but prefer The Third for the updated.. everything.

So my stance is New Saints Row.
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User Info: Goregasm17

3 years ago#34
The first one was genuine. Loved it. Then the second game released and that is actually when I created this account, to make a thread on the 360 SR2 board and express my disgust with how ridiculous the game became, such as the insanely fast sprinting..all fights essentially end up being a strafe war at car status speeds.

User Info: Minamo

3 years ago#35
2 > 4 > 1 > 3

User Info: phillyeagles123

3 years ago#36
Saints Row 1: Good open world game with lots of potential to become great.
Saints Row 2: Improved on just about everything. Great mix of seriousness and craziness. Pinnacle of the series, and one of my personal all time favorite games.
Saints Row 3: Got a bit crazy for my tastes. Sacrificed story for more crass humor. Still had its moments though.
Saints Row 4: Never bought it, never will. If they didn't jump the shark with SR4, then I don't know what will.

Old School SR >>>> New School SR
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User Info: YamatoBeats

3 years ago#37
2 was pretty garbage. 4 was probably the most fun of them all. I'm hoping 5 goes back to the same zany kind of gameplay but to the next level.
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User Info: EnmaDaio2588

3 years ago#38
Saints Row 2 was my favorite and SR3 is the reason I haven't given SR4 a chance yet.
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User Info: DojoMax

3 years ago#39
That_Damn_Kid posted...
CRAZY or gangs

I thought SR4's craziness was a little too much. Surprised it's coming to next gen consoles. Would be neat if they went back to something like SR2 for the 5th game.

Old school. SR 1 and 2 were fantastic... SR3 was a great balance between the old and the new. SR4 disgusted me about an hour into the game.
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User Info: Neonwarrior1243

3 years ago#40
Saints Row 2 was the best one.
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