Xbox one hater here....getting an Xbox one.

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User Info: Thanatos753

3 years ago#11
Draconian-White posted...
Thanatos753 posted...
So I've been on the hate train since the Xbox one was announced. However! I just watched the gameplay demo for Quantum Break and BAM! Game looks awesome.

That'll happen. I'm smitten with the game myself, and it most definitely factored into my decision to buy an Xbox One. Hope you enjoy the new console, man!

THANKS! You too. Hope I remember my info for my account from 360 gunna be poed if I lose all DAT gamerscore. Lol jk (kinda)
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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#12
Excal1bur posted...
Im in the opposite boat still waiting for Sony to give a reason to own a PS4, I may end up just waiting on a Price drop or awesome holiday bundle style thing like I did with the PS3.
HIIT or Tabata is necessary for me

User Info: BigBee2005

3 years ago#13
Plenty of great exclusives on both consoles - welcome aboard TC!
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User Info: Apex-Player

3 years ago#14
Did you see the ground stomp part? It reminded me of GTA.
Or the shadow from the exploded propane tank, the baked shadow that flickered in and out of existence.

It had potential, but not much. I wasn't impressed, for a first party title it looked really low budget.

Seriously, watch the animations like the ground stomp and pay attention to the disappearing baked shadows.
I think the budget for this game went straight to the TV show.
Unbearable is it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends.
There's a secret song at the center of the world and its sound is like razors through flesh
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