Ubisoft: "Players are more open to DLC now."

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User Info: Yi Long

Yi Long
3 years ago#51
Ubisoft can believe what they want, but I will still refuse to buy a game which will be nickel-and-diming me 5 seconds after launch.

I don't support DLC-milking and I never have and I'll never will. I'm a patient guy. I can wait 1-2 years for a cheap 'complete' edition, IF that ever comes, and IF I'm still interested in the game by then. Pretty much all my friends do the same. We would be more than willing to spend 50-60 bucks on a game on day 1, but for 50-60 bucks, we expect the COMPLETE experience.

Considering that's hardly ever the case anymore, we now just spend 20-30 bucks on a game AT MOST, because we will wait.

Vote with your wallet. It's that simple.

And if you're a guy who regularly spends money on DLC, you have lost your right to complain about it, because you're a big part of the problem.

User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#52
Ubisoft makes EA seem competent.
Fact is they pushed DLC just like everyone else..
Now they're borderline forcing it upon you so ofcourse they've made it palatable...
with garbage like "season passes" people feel like they're missing out of they don't sign up
*Demands Sony and Nintendo release NEW games but is excited to play 10 year old remakes in Halo Collection* -XBOX1 Forums

User Info: Yi Long

Yi Long
3 years ago#53
NeoMonk posted...
Ubisoft makes EA seem competent.
Fact is they pushed DLC just like everyone else..
Now they're borderline forcing it upon you so ofcourse they've made it palatable...
with garbage like "season passes" people feel like they're missing out of they don't sign up

The first DLC for Trials Fusion Season Pass was announced this week, and it's CRAP (content-wise). I'm sure not many Trials-fans will fall for that one again, and will warn newcomers to the series to just stay away from the Season-Pass completely, or wait for a big discount on the complete deal (Game + Season Pass) before buying.

I know I'm not touching it until it's 20 bucks orso, and I am still a HUGE fan of TrialsHD and Evolution, and their (worthy) DLC-packs.

I hate DLC-milking and nickel-and-diming, but when a developer releases great value for money, through DLC, obviously I have no problem with that. Sadly, 95% of DLC is just mooooo-business.

User Info: SkaFrost89

3 years ago#54
I only support DLC for 2 reasons,
1, if they ran out of time and didn't have a chance to put it all in or
2 they come up with new ideas after they release.

I am not buying WiiU unless King K Rool is in Smash, so I get where Ubisoft is coming from.
PSN: SkaFrost, Twitch: SkaFrost

User Info: Sevi_ney

3 years ago#55
Oh Gee, I wonder why

No seriously, does anyone not understand why?

User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#56
I'd rather pay a flat $80 for a game that's going to have a lot of DLC just as long as it's FREE! It's really ridiculous thinking it takes $110 to get the full multiplayer experience on a game like CoD. Titanfall is kind of fair though.
GT:Triple S 06
Steam ID:triples22

User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#57
DarthLaharl posted...
Run_2_the_Hills posted...
it's true though whether you like it or not.

This^ BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma launched with $8 DLC fighters WHO ARE ADVERTISED ON THE BOX and over $150 worth of DLC consisting of alternate color skins and system voice packs.

And I'm the only person I notice complaining about this while as at the beginning of last gen this would've caused an uproar in the gaming community.

Do5 also has like $200 worth of Dlc and I swear it feels like forza 5 does as well
PSN:Knickyknucklez 360:Kn1ckyknucklez Wii-U:KnickyKnucklez

User Info: UtterMoon

3 years ago#58
Uh...well it is the truth. If there is good DLC for a good game that I own...I will buy it...I know that DLC costs money to make and I never expect it to be free, and I don't care if it only comes a month or so after release...hell even 2 wees...I will pay money to have more of what I enjoy....

User Info: AidsJohnson

3 years ago#59
Wait, so it cost's so much more to make and yet 90% of PC games are given mods and updates for free, but it's seemingly forbidden for consoles? I understand the points presented, but it's why I'm glad to pirate some of my games, and why I refuse to ever buy games like the Arkham series until GOTY editions come out with everything included, for $20.

I do purchase some games at 60, but it must be a game like Skyrim where i'm able to get 80+ hours out of my purchase before I even consider DLC. The WWE series along with so many others are presented as a way to cheat you out of as many dollars as they can squeeze out of you. The evolution of gaming should be leading towards a more creative console community with the option to mod/create your own DLC, and if that were the case I would be more than happy to purchase them at a rate of $1-5 based on the review and how badly I wanted it.

What I really feel is console gaming is being shoved down our throats with things like MLB The Show and Madden being the only games allowed to buy for certain consoles, that is the real injustice. Nothing is even done well when you have no competition.

User Info: Sinful_Life

3 years ago#60
LooksLikeRain posted...
Sinful_Life posted...
Don't blame them, Blame ourselves or rather the ones who encourage it.

Vote with your Wallet and it will end.

Yeah. Expect games to increase in quality. Expect more people to work on them. Expect more features. Expect more time to be spent perfecting it. Expect quality voice acting. Expect these games to cost no more than your average N64 game, despite how much more they cost to make. Pitch a fit when there's optional DLC.

Is that about right?

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." -Shigeru Miyamoto
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