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  3. Can't sign in - error 0x87DD0006 help pls

User Info: bigroc10304

7 years ago#1
I was signed in playing Wolfenstein, and had the power went out briefly. When it came back on, I tried to power up and log back in... I keep getting the same error code (0x87DD0006). It won't allow me to sign in. I checked the internet connection in the settings and my connection in fine. But I cannot log in and play anything.

I checked the xbox site and there was a msg posted about log in issues, and it said it would update every 30 min (posted at 6pm). It's 7:50pm and still no update. Just wondering how I can get around this, if at all. I can't play anything, even as a guest on my own machine. Is this happening to anyone else?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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User Info: XMasterMarioX

7 years ago#2

User Info: CaptainSnowman

7 years ago#3
Its the same for everyone. If you want to play, disconnect your xbox from the internet and it will let you sign in offline so you can play your games until it starts working again.

User Info: Charocks

7 years ago#4
And if M$ didn't change their policies, you would have a nice $500 doorstop.
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User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

7 years ago#5
Try it it now guys I had the same error now mines is working.

User Info: divisional

7 years ago#6
Working here for me now as well.
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