Should Sexually be brought into games?

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User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#11
I don't care.
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User Info: SiriusSternFan

3 years ago#12
Flopping around.

It gets no better than that.
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User Info: quincy2000a

3 years ago#13
SunDevil77 posted...
I don't care.


especially since they are rated M, I believe.

And given what happened in the last one, I guess i won't be surprised with anything they do.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#14
People outside of the mostly southern US don't care, I g it's apart of life why not, they told us who had girlfriends and the main character was into that chi v k in far cry 3. Should thy be glorified for being gay, of course not, but I h s 've no issue with it being in the story. Is ubisoft going to make us hate and want to kill the gay guy.....I wonder.
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User Info: Utinil

3 years ago#15
If a game were to have a homosexual main character that factor alone would not drive me away from buying the game, but it could slightly lessen immersion if it was very prevalent, which could possibly make me a bit less likely to recommend it.

A good enough game could easily overcome this obstacle but game developers are companies and that means doing everything possible to maximize profit. Why would you make something a major focus if it only strongly appeals to 1-3% of the population and could potentially hurt sales with a much larger percent. Please note, I am not talking about bigots here when I talk about the larger percent (although from a pure profit standpoint I think you would have to consider them).

If a game was simply to have a main character whom mentioned or even briefly met his husband or her wife, yet was not pushed very heavily I feel it wouldn't hurt things at all.

User Info: gofghxg

3 years ago#16
GunningSoul posted...
P****** in glorious 1080p, flopping around at 60fps!

Gay p*** for women...
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User Info: schmarkenheimer

3 years ago#17
Glorious schlong mods.
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User Info: baconluver

3 years ago#18
This post got better and better everytime GunningSoul was quoted.
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User Info: Joey-Zaza

3 years ago#19
Do several people post on your account SilentGhost? I feel like sometimes you have good grammar and then other times you have... well this.
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User Info: ckramse

3 years ago#20
Im confused is the topic should sexuality be brought into games or should homosexuals be openly flaming main characters that have intercourse on screen like the controllable god of war scene or wolfenstein? You've got less than half naked women all over games and some Japanese games that are blatant rape festivals. If people will buy it then they'll make it. Should they make it....straight or gay NO. I don't feel like games should include such scenes but playing devils advocate what's worse someone getting their guts ripped out and watching the spaghetti hit the floor or softcover porn minus nipples and crotch in a 5 second clip? Let them make full porn game gay or straight and watch what happens. World of war craft has shutins STILL what do you think will happen if they make full on porn games. You'll have an epidemic of people with one arm looking like hulk hogan.
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