All the negativity, yet Xbox has better games than PS4

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User Info: FerdMertz

4 years ago#1
Resolution this, FPS that, negative negative negative.

But when it comes to the biggest factor when youre sizing up consoles, which is the games, X1 is clearly the better choice.

Dead Rising 3, Plants vs Zombies: GW, Titanfall, Killer Instict and IMO even Ryse is a far better collection of games than Infamous (although it is a great game), Killzone and Knack.

Honestly, if I only could afford one I would definitely trade a couple lines of resolution and FPS to have the system with a better library.
Currently playing: Dead Rising 3, Killzone: Shadowfall, Ryse: Son of Rome

User Info: Jedi454

4 years ago#2
It's hilarious, they've all gripped onto resolution for dear life as a selling point for the Ps4. I can't help but laugh every time I go onto these forums.
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User Info: velvet_hammer

4 years ago#3
Wait ps4 has 3 games? i must be from the future. And let me tell you brother better erase this now lol
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User Info: VoidBeyond

4 years ago#4
Why did you feel the need to make this topic? You're only going to attract them and give them more of a reason to troll. Also PVZ is a timed exclusive too.
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User Info: Heracylost

4 years ago#5

User Info: teddy241

4 years ago#6
Xbone is out selling ps4 in the U.S. but europe and Japan are the difference makers. Japan will always support sony/nintendo. Im not exactly sure why europe is so in love with ps4.. fifa came bundled in i think

User Info: pblimp360

4 years ago#7
The trolls are on constant goal post moving assignment. I can't even keep count on how many times things were changed and focused on each time one was shut down or debunked.
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User Info: BaronVladz

4 years ago#8
Both consoles have great exclusives, it comes down to personal preference

Xbox One:
Forza 5
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising 3
Fable Legends
Gears of War
Killer Instinct
Quantum Break

Infamous SS
Dynasty Warriors 8
Guilty Gear Xrd
MLB 14
The Last of Us Remastered
The Order: 1886
Shadow of the Beast

User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#9
velvet_hammer posted...
Wait ps4 has 3 games? i must be from the future. And let me tell you brother better erase this now lol

Not 3 games, but 3 noteworthy games that are worth mentioning. I'm assuming he didn't list the slew of Indies because none of them are worth talking about. TC forgot Forza 5, but that's if you like racing games.

User Info: Tajaz2426

4 years ago#10
Why do you post nonsense that draws trolls in. If the One had better games that people wanted it wouldn't be getting out sold in every country it's in.

Why even do that, now they will come in droves. Your also talking crap when your own company had to make a whole different model and drop what was said to be the life of the console, because it was so far behind in sales. Leave it be and enjoy your games.
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