The X1 should have been all digital

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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#21
BIackPriviIige posted...
Horridhal posted...
If they had gone all digital they would have less sales than they do now.

This. MS isn't Valve. The reason MS wants to I all digital is to f*** consumers up that you know what.

Yep. The UI is still buggy as can be and they haven't fixed that yet but that KINECT 2.0 is still mandatory purchase!!

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User Info: Lapanui

3 years ago#22
This is the problem with consoles, not just the X1, but any console that would go the all digital route.

When you buy that system, you have no choice in where you buy your games. So publishers, not MS or Sony, for certain games can price them how they like. Not saying they will be ridiculous, but just look at the prices right now. £55 for a digital game, when I can get it now for £30 to £40.

With Steam, they know they have competition between other digital services like Origin, GoG, Gamefly, etc., they also have to compete with physical copies and online retailers. They have to make their game prices eye catching and worth it or else you could just go to another digital game service.
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User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#23
microsoft and sony charge developers royalties per game copy sold. you will never see steam like sales because of this. thats what i figure anyways.

digital games have been available for over half a decade now, and $5 off a 2 year old game is considered a deal. its always been like this on the storefront the map packs and DLC for battlefield and call of duty 4 have not changed, as with the price of DLC for pretty much anything

why would it change? the only thing it would do is force online DRM, and force you to pay whatever the developers want. with MS and Sony in their pockets, theyre not going to be content in selling their games for $5 a pop or whatever. No matter how old they are. goodbye used games. goodbye selling a game to a friend, or even gamestop because you beat it in a week and decided it totally sucked. goodbye picking up classic games from the bargain bin. goodbye bringing your game over to a friends house and playing it with him

but hey. say hello to paying extra money for going over your monthly bandwidth cap! and say hello to going over to your friends house and having to bring your console with you every time to save yourself many hours of having to sign on to your profile on his console and redownload the same 40 gigabyte game all over again!

look at the awesome digital sales on the marketplace today, where it often costs more money to buy the game digitally than it does to go to the store and get a physical copy while you save alot of time and bandwidth

User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#24
the only thing i think it will do is inconvenience gamers while the developers save money from not having to manufacture discs. just because they cut costs down any way they can to save a buck doesnt mean it will benefit the consumer any.

just look at what EA and EA Sports do with their shovelware year after year. they spend less and less time polishing up their yearly rehashes every edition, the bugs are still there, it always seems rushed out, yet the price never changes

just because a console decides to go all digital doesnt mean we'll ever get to see any good prices. if you want decent prices, go to your local bargain bin at gamestop and get a used copy of it. getting rid of used copies and imposing DRM is not going to benefit anybody except for the tylenol corporation from all the headaches it will bring.

User Info: jellybeanmaster

3 years ago#25
If you want ask your games to be digital, go right ahead. It's what I'm doing. But they should never take away the option to buy hard copy games. If they did that, there is no doubt in my mind out would have sold less than Wii U

User Info: xcmon3yx2

3 years ago#26
yeah all digital with these great american isp's, tiny 500gb hdd, and 20-50gb install sizes. sounds good, (Steam: xcmon3yx2), (XBL: HakudoshiV77360), (WoW: xcmon3yx2#1204)
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