The X1 should have been all digital

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User Info: GoreGamer

3 years ago#1
As much as I love used games and I never buy new games unless its dirt cheap steam sale, I think X1 should have been all digital. If they got rid off the physical copies they could have just been a Steam box, saved money by removing the Blu Ray player and instead just be all online. Also the DRM thing needed to go, by having it offline available no 24hr checks.

I really do think it was a bad call for this gen. They could have made games significantly cheaper and with it made the publishers and consumer happy. Besides most 2nd hand current gen games are expensive anyhow like £30 or something and that is usually the case for a new console.

If MS hadn't have been all evil and malicious about it and just presented it as being for the customer, by doing the above then they wouldn't have had the backlash. It was the scapegoating used games that caused the anger.

User Info: sn3akywaffles

3 years ago#2
GoreGamer posted...

If MS hadn't have been all evil and malicious about it

I'm starting realize the slight amount of ignorance on this site
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User Info: dart246

3 years ago#3
If welfare could be used for abortions...this would be a much better world...

User Info: Rdeal2

3 years ago#4
How can they have no online check? if they didn't you could just install your games on other peoples X1's and they could play them all they want by playing offline

User Info: Horridhal

3 years ago#5
If they had gone all digital they would have less sales than they do now.
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User Info: makaveliOKC

3 years ago#6
Horridhal posted...
If they had gone all digital they would have less sales than they do now.

100% agree. They would be around 1.75 million sold through or 4 million shipped by Microsoft accounts.

User Info: kingbahamut83

3 years ago#7
No everyone is up for all digital, especially when the installs are 30-50Gb before DLC is thrown in and since they still have yet to add external support, follow dart's advice.
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User Info: regsantotomas

3 years ago#8
The market simply isn't ready for an all digital distribution model at this time.

As someone who purchases all my games on Xbox One digitally, I understand the apprehension. My situation is not everyone's situation. The perception is also that digital takes away the flexibility of resale while offering no benefits outside of convenience.

Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo need to market more compelling reasons to support digital: flexible licensing like family sharing, discounts, digital reselling/trading marketplace and other incentives could go a long way.

Shoehorning a digital future isn't the answer. A smooth transition is.
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User Info: Viet0ne

3 years ago#9
With Net Neutrality going away, an all digital console wouldn't be viable.

With 200-300GB limits a month being imposed by ISPs in addition to the ability to give preference to traffic, imagine downloading a game and comcast can simply throttle any Xbox Live traffic and make that 30GB game take over a day to download.
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User Info: Chanfan02

3 years ago#10
If they would have went all digital, I wouldn't have purchased one day one. My internet is only around 5Mb/sec, so these big 40GB games would take too long. I much prefer physical copies as well. One reason why I don't play PC as much is because of the constant downloading and waiting for big games to finish.

I liked some of the ideas though, such as digital sharing between family and friends, that would have been a neat way to allow others to try the full game before they buy.
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