Microsoft Finds ET

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User Info: Virobot

3 years ago#51
suprsolider posted...
Have you ever played that game? It is an unholy demon which can be cited as almost single handedly bringing about the video game crash of the early 80's.

There were many factors involved than just 1 bad video game. You have ZERO CONCEPT of video game history..

Thanks for the history lesson, professor. With all that knowledge you obviously have, I find it disturbing that you can make the assumption that he has zero concept, as you masterfully put it, of video game history. Although he knew ET was produced in the 80's, so that is at least some concept.

Ouch. You got owned by me, a simple idiot.
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User Info: josh924

3 years ago#52
Virobot posted...
"...newly formed Xbox Entertainment Studios."

Well, isn't that "convenient."

Trying to win real gamers back by staging publicity stunts like this is laughable. Even if it is real, who cares? It's a bunch of garbage in the desert.

Good job, Microsoft. You unearthed some garbage.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't even their idea, meaning that the documentary would have been made, regardless.
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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#53
Snickleseed posted...
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For that post? Man, mods must really hate recycled jokes. I only got warned for much worse posts.

User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#54
were they looking for a spot to bury all of their excess xbox ones and just so happened to uncover this??

User Info: jakethenoob

3 years ago#55
Tyrannical posted...
ET wasn't a bad game, and it did sell a lot. The problem was Atari waaaaaay over produced the game and spent a lot of cash on licensing.

No it sucked and that why they buried a ton of them. A lot of people bought the game, realized how awful it was and everyone returned their copies of it.
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User Info: deadmarv

3 years ago#56
Hey, thanks TC! Now I don't have to pay microsoft to watch a documentary about that crappy game!
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