MS to start focusing on entertainment for the Xbox One, good or bad for gaming?

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User Info: skermac

3 years ago#1
I hope games don't suffer and take a back seat, but you never know. Does MS know what its doing? Thoughts?

With a CBS exec at the wheel, Microsoft is pulling a Netflix.

In just two short months, Xbox Entertainment Studios will start trickling out original content onto its digital media delivery service, Xbox Live. Formerly a domain exclusive to gamers, Xbox Live is now Microsoft’s canvas for its broader experiment in capturing the living room, which was the original thrust of its latest gaming console released in November, the Xbox One.

After reassuring its core fan base of gamers, Microsoft seems to be regressing toward its original game plan: Offer something irresistible to everyone in the living room, from the 15 year-old Titanfall superfan to the primetime TV addict.

At its Xbox One launch event, Microsoft announced a live-action series based on its modern gaming classic Halo, which will be produced by Steven Spielberg. Now, as Bloomberg reports, Xbox Entertainment Studios is busy working on at least six original series.

The gaggle of new Xbox series take a variety of well-calculated tacks. Among them:
•Seth Green stop-motion animation show (Adult Swim fans: check.)
•Sketch comedy show with Michael Cera and Sarah Silverman (Comedy: check.)
•Humans: A remake of a Swedish sci-fi TV series (Sci-fi: check.)
•Halo (Blockbuster with big names: check.)
•Every Street United: Reality series about soccer (World Cup fans: check.)
•Gaming documentary series (Core gamers: check.)
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#2
Microsoft has almost a infinite budget, I consider all these expansion not altering focus. They want us to use this for everything, I won't but I don't see change in it still being a game playing device first. I'm surprised they have as many games out/coming in year one considering its on par with last gens release of games at launch-year one. People forget the more technology increases the more work goes into making the games. I'm more afraid of developers going indie style to earn a buck, screwing the capabilities and just making tablet style games to stay in business because of the risk of making a huge game and failing. That and micro transactions to get the big games scare me. They need to just raise game prices to 70-$80 already instead of micro transactions on big games but some need to be lowered like how pvsz was priced at $40.
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User Info: kenio8187

3 years ago#3
This has got to be one of the worst ideas ever.
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User Info: BloatedSquirrel

3 years ago#4
Xbox One was one of the worst ideas ever. So much wasted potential.
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User Info: crynryan

3 years ago#5
Of course entertainment on an entertainment device is good.

..Wait. You worded the title poorly, as it can be easily misconstrued. Still, gaming devices are there for entertainment, now they provide more than one form of entertainment. So yes.
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User Info: lunchbox2042

3 years ago#6
Considering the Xbox One has been an all in one multimedia device that can play games since day 1 and not a dedicated gaming machine like other consoles, it doesn't surprise me.

User Info: kenio8187

3 years ago#7
As an entertainment device, it's one of the worst ones because it locks all the apps behind a paywall. No other entertainment device does this.
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User Info: billsfanno1

3 years ago#8
If successful, potentially very good for gaming because it will expand the traditional market for the console, putting a gaming device in more households. Of course the "core gamers" will hate that because growth would more likely be in casual games, but today's casual gamer may become tomorrows tournament gamer.

User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#9
Good games and good entertainment. Good job Microsoft but most ppl will hate for some reason you just can't be positive about xb1 : /
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User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

3 years ago#10
Not with Phil Spencer running things now he looking to make gamers happy and looking to win over more games. So will I like they are trying to do new things with the brand I know for sure some awesome things are coming gamers way.
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