Trouble with Xbox Live

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User Info: Noodle1278

4 years ago#1
Is anyone having trouble connecting to services on Live? The status website says everything is fine. I run a network test under settings and it tells me everything is fine. However, my pins will not not load and I do not have an option to get to the Xbox Live store. I have shut down my Xbox several times.
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User Info: realyoshdawg

4 years ago#2
This happens to me almost daily now. I have to do a hard reboot and even that only sometimes fixes it. It's annoying because you can't access any shows/movies you bought when this happens.
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User Info: iammchammer

4 years ago#3
yep, happens quite often... very annoying!
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User Info: bucko5ca

4 years ago#4
It is happening to me as well. Can play online and use IE but no store or pins
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User Info: XRawXTalentX

4 years ago#5
Happening to me now too!! Ahhh I can't watch a show on Netflix either

User Info: a123454321

4 years ago#6
I cant seem to access my friends tab, get an error. Anyone else?


4 years ago#7
a123454321 posted...
I cant seem to access my friends tab, get an error. Anyone else?

Same here.

User Info: a123454321

4 years ago#8
You in UK or US? Bet the beta broke it. I dont have it but arent that just come out?

User Info: assassin10133

4 years ago#9
Happening to me, can connect to live and play online, but the store section never loads up, don't think my pins are either. Interestingly enough I can still use Kinect voice commands to go to the store and that works, or at least did last time I tried 2 days ago when I had the issue already. Netflix still worked yesterday too.

User Info: Viet0ne

4 years ago#10
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