can i plug this into a surge protecter?

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User Info: rb10001

4 years ago#21
extanker posted...
rb10001 posted...
Hudson_RL posted...
I plugged mine in to a surge protector shortly after release but the fans became really loud from it as I use instant on mode. Put it straight in the wall and it's back to be pretty silent again.

that's in your head.

Actually no it's not. The fans on the power brick getting louder are the reason MS suggests that your surge protector is overloaded. Either try a different surge protector or plug it directly into the wall and it's supposed to solve that.

I use a high end surge protector and don't have any issues, but I suppose if you used a 5 buck cheapo one, it might now work so well.

maybe it's louder due to room temperature or you used some cheap power strip (read below)? i just read a whole page on ms's site and look what i found:

"Note If the PSU is making excessive noise, you might have a power strip or surge protector that is overloaded. Plug your PSU directly into a wall outlet and see if the problem persists."


so it seems you have a bad power strip or protector. what i find funny is ms contradicting themselves. i guess they were not as good as i thought with keeping up the lie. they say plug it into the wall only yet i find this. so yeah, it's either your room temp or you have a crappy walmart power strip.
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