The Official Xbox One Add Friends Thread

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User Info: enigma2274

4 years ago#11
Y'all can add me. Read sig.
Playing: Knack, AC4, Need For Speed, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, COD Ghosts
PS4 ID: enigma2288 Xbox One Gamertag: enigma2274

User Info: twiztidfreak6t9

4 years ago#12
Sure, why not.....GT in SIG.

I have Dead Rising 3, Call of Duty:Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Forza 5, Need For Speed Rivals, Ryse:Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Killer Instinct Classic, and Peggle 2.Soon will have Halo:Spartain Assault when it releases this month.
PSN (PS4):Twiztidfreak6t9 GT(Xbox One):Same as PSN.

User Info: fearnbiz

4 years ago#13
Gt-Infearno, hope you guys dont mind, gonna add some of you.

User Info: sharksfan7

4 years ago#14
Mine's in my sig, feel free to add me
PSN: The_IceisRight , XBL: skelly415 , 3DS FC: 1521-2854-5997

User Info: Dev445

4 years ago#15
GT: ThatBoyNice247

I got DR3, KI, Forza5, and Peggle 2. I usually be on weekday nights everyday except for the weekends.
"You all say you want to be human, but why would you want to become something so flawed" - Edward Elric - FullMetal Alchemist

User Info: DamnEvilDog

4 years ago#16
I'll throw my chips in with my alt GT: DamnEvilDog

I have AC IV, Battlefield 4,Cod:G,DR3,Lego Marvel, Ryse

User Info: vivalabuck92

4 years ago#17
In sig. I have DR3, Fora 5, Cod, Bf4, and KI. Won't be able to play with anyone until 19th due to college.
Gamertag: NeverTooWhite

User Info: micheal82

4 years ago#18
Add me BDIDDY2k7
I can shoot a whole load into a guys face and they just brush it off. - Psquared34

User Info: KyleCross

4 years ago#19
Sure. Add me.
XBox Live GT - IronChef Canada

User Info: jsoili96

4 years ago#20
Anybody can add me.... its jsoili

I play both the xbox 360 and xbox one.

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