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User Info: ElPolloDiablo87

7 years ago#1
The Xbox One is an impressive marriage of software and hardware that raises the bar in terms of what we expect from a living room machine. Looking forward more than it looks back, the Xbox One feels like it's from the future.
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User Info: Leventhan26

7 years ago#2
Damn lol, what would a console need for a 9 or 10.

User Info: Reflex-Arc

7 years ago#3
Son, I am excite.
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User Info: 1nternationa7

7 years ago#4
That spot is reserved for the steam box.
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User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

7 years ago#5
Leventhan26 posted...
Damn lol, what would a console need for a 9 or 10.

Soul Calibur or Super Mario World.

User Info: TheBorderCollie

7 years ago#6
*In before the following:

-LOL Polygon
-Bias! Bias! Bias!
-MS paid them!!!!
-$700K !!!
-(some other made up numerical amount used for trolling)
-Who's Polygon?
-Why do reviews matter?
-Many other comments I will not see due to the running message total at the bottom of my screen that I'm sure will begin to climb now.
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(message deleted)

User Info: Vorzal

7 years ago#8
"If you're as disappointed as we are by the lack of backwards compatibility this generation and want to keep an Xbox 360 or PS3 plugged in here, we've got some bad news: It works, but our most lag-sensitive editors wouldn't want to play that way."

=/ Too bad, the idea of running a PS4 through the XB1 was promising. This could be alleviated via a firmware update, however.
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User Info: MacDaMurderer

7 years ago#9
orestes1981 posted...
Edit: CNET is well known, Polygon...not so much. The only thing they are known for is doing a bias review against hardware that is almost identical. Furthermore, they do not point out the flops that the Xbox One has....Crimson Dragon, BF4 (in comparison to the PS4/PC), etc.

Polygon is well known. Hell their editors have been on multiple TV shows talking about next Gen consoles. And on the video review of the Xbox One they said Lococycle, Crimson Dragon were garbage. And said Ryse looks good but is boring.

But go on with them not being respectable and whatever.
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User Info: DarthLaharl

7 years ago#10
lol, Polygon.

Polygon gives:
Xbone a 8/10 but gives the PS4 a 7.5/10
The Last Of Us 7.5 but gives State Of Decay a 8.5
God Of War Ascension a 7 but gives Gears Judgement a 8
Sly Cooper a 6
Ni No Kuni a 6.5

Not to mention the money from Microsoft.
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