Can I easily get one on launch day with no preorder?

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User Info: zillazero

4 years ago#1
"XBOX - Turn on PS4"

User Info: chickabumpbump

4 years ago#2
Possibly depending on where you are, city wise.

Microsoft will ship more units than Sony because they are Microsoft and have more money. Big companies and their biggest stores revenue wise will get extra units because they can sell them.

I used to host events in europes biggest game store, our launches were massive and nintendo sent us 500 extra wii consoles on launch night but only to our store, no other store in the same company

User Info: weezergabe

4 years ago#3
3DO is still the best console of all time.

User Info: ElPolloDiablo87

4 years ago#4
Easily? Probably not. You will be able to get one launch day with no preorder, but I'd guess you'd almost have to camp out to get one.
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User Info: adonfraz

4 years ago#5
Wal-Mart and Best Buy @ Midnight.

Target @ 8am

Kmart @ Whenever
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User Info: khardbored

4 years ago#6
adonfraz posted...
Wal-Mart and Best Buy @ Midnight.

Target @ 8am

Kmart @ Whenever

Not all Walmarts are doing midnight launches. Check with your stores. Also, they will be your best bet.
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User Info: deadlysin24

4 years ago#7
Really depends on your area. The GameStop I go to has 2 extra ps4's that aren't reserved and and no extra X1's. Meanwhile another GameStop a few towns over has no extra ps4's and 17 extra X1's that will be first come first serve to people waiting outside for launch. All depends.
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User Info: Err0r_718

4 years ago#8
I take it ms is getting as many out as possible as my friend told me ps4 is only coming available again in march...this would be the perfect time for ms to get people to buy the xbox one.

User Info: zillazero

4 years ago#9
My local Best Buy said they are getting "a BUNCH" of extra consoles to sell at the midnight launch and said if I get there early I shouldn't have a problem getting one.

I sure hope so!
"XBOX - Turn on PS4"

User Info: chiefofsb78

4 years ago#10
I'm sure it will be plenty on the shelves for you to pick from
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